Life in quarantine continues to drag along. 

If you’re starting to feel the creep of cabin fever, Gretchen from the Jubilance Sisterhood is here with some suggestions for staying sane by adding a little extra fun to daily life.

Aa always, live your life with Jubilance. 

Don’t we all wish we were trained introverts?

Alright, I’m in the middle of day three of my self-imposed quarantine and I have to say… It’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Of course, I’ve never been a social butterfly but also working in the entertainment industry my job is basically what you guys are doing right now for quarantine.

What do I do everyday for my job you may ask? I produce and edit short digital content. In summary I sit in a room designed for no human contact – sometimes my team forgets I’m even in the office – and I edit footage. The room is designed to block out all noise, so I don’t bother others in the office, as well as ensure that I forget what sunlight is. So having a window by me while I work… Let me tell you guys, I am thriving.

While this quarantine may be a dream to us introverts I know how hard it can be to be cramped indoors. Especially in NYC with no access to the outdoors. Isolation is hard, but below is a list to help make it easier.

1. Netflix Party

Just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean we need to stop watching our favorite shows with our friends. My sisters and I live miles (continents) apart and we have been utilizing this platform for years to shamelessly watch cheesy shows together. Yes, I am talking about Riverdale.

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to sync your Netflix accounts so you’re watching the same thing in real-time. To use this extension everyone in the group has to download the extension onto the Google Chrome browser. Don’t worry, it’s free and doesn’t require much set-up.

The host of the event (in the case of my sisters this is usually me) who starts the “party” does so by going to Netflix and selecting the show or movie to watch. I like to be the host because it gives me absolute control over choosing what me and my sisters watch. The ultimate power move.

Once the video is selected and starts playing in the chrome extension select “NP” to start a party. You can add friends to the event by sending a URL link to your digital party. The URL will take them to Netflix (yes, they have to already have a Netflix account for this to work), where they will need to activate their “NP” feature in the Netflix Party extension.

I recommend doing this on Facetime with a drinking party specific to the show.

2. Evil Apples

If you aren’t playing Evil Apples with your friends then drop what you are doing right now. Evil Apples is the virtual version of Cards Against Humanity.  This game is great because you can play with an unlimited amount of your friends.

All you need to do is simply download the app from your phone’s App Store. Easy. It is free to play and you can invite your friends to join by sending them a code to join in a game!

I currently have a game going with eleven people from my office where I am getting absolutely decimated in both the game and the comments section.

3. Find A Workout That Works For You

One thing that keeps your body and mind healthy is working out. Have I been treating myself in this stressful time? Do I regret eating all of my quarantine chocolate within the first two days? Do I feel like a lump? Yes.

Luckily I found this HIIT Cardio and Abs workout that helped me feel much better about eating that entire bag of gummie penguins.

Not all workouts work for every person. Going through this one I had to skip quite a few exercises due to a shoulder injury, but know that they are out there. Due to so many gyms closing lots of trainers are putting their workouts online for free, so keep an eye out for your favorite trainers releasing some information. I follow @samanthacash on Instagram as she not only posts about traveling the world but is also a professional volleyball player, so she is always posting about her nutrition and workouts she does!

4. Learn To Play An Instrument

In the glorious times that we live in we have access to so much knowledge around us. Not only can you order any instrument you want to be delivered to you but you can also learn to play the instrument for free.

Last week, I ordered this Ukulele on Amazon. I can successfully tell you guys that I can now play one song. If that isn’t success, I don’t know what is. I have been following this Youtube series and it has been super helpful.

5. Reorganize Your Closet

I did this on day one of quarantine and let me tell you – my closet has never looked better. Not only did I but all of my winter clothes back into storage under my bed, but I got out my fun colorful clothes and organized everything by color.

Listen, nothing makes you feel better than a clean space. I felt like my closet had turned into a Pintrest board while I was working on it. I was so proud that I took a photo and sent it to every single one of my friends. Were they confused by the random photo of my closet? Definitely.

Remember guys in this moment isolation is key, but we don’t have to be completely cut off from the world. Unlike our previous pandemic of the 1920s we have access to unlimited knowledge and can still converse with our friends. Take this time to do some self-care and really focus on yourself.

As Always, Live Your Life with Jubilance.



Gretchen is a Southern California beach girl living and working in NYC who is still trying to figure out Seasons and closed toed shoes!