Whether it’s a girls night out or a date with your partner, here are some of the best ideas for a November Adventure!

  • Fall Leaves. Sweep up the fall leaves in your yard or in a park and jump in the pile, you’re never too old to have some fun!
  • Leaf Peeping. Go to a park or drive along a scenic route and take in the trees. Bring some hot cider or hot chocolate in a thermos to add to the ride when you stop to look.
  • Explore local farms. Lots of farms are open for visitors this time of year! Either go apple picking or just wander around a farm (or vineyard) and enjoy the crisp day.
  • Ice Skate. The rinks are now all open in NYC! Go check out your local rink and skate hand and hand with your loved one!
  • Read together. Not all dates have to be extravagant. Light a fire in your fireplace, or even just a candle, and read your favorite books next to one another.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar.  Grab everything that you can put into hot chocolate and put it out in your kitchen.  Try adding marshmallows, peppermint sticks, whipped cream, sprinkles, and anything else you think of!
  • Tea Party.  Similar to the Hot Chocolate bar, make up a couple of different pots and try different combinations.
  • Stay inside and sit by the fire.  Whether you have a fireplace or not, go somewhere that does and drink a toasty drink telling stories by the fire!