We’ve all experienced cramps, that pulsing pain once a month when your period strikes.  Jubilance helps relieve your emotional PMS symptoms and here are some exercises to help with the physical cramps. 

Yoga can help with your cramps, it’s a routine that helps you to breathe more deeply, to meditate thinking about something other than your period, and a way to bring more oxygen to your muscles that are tensing up, causing a cramp.

  1. Child’s Pose.  Sit on your heels and place your arms out in front of you.  Breathe here for a minute.

  2. Forward Bend.  All you need to do is bend over and touch your toes, breathe in and out deeply.  Hold for a minute here breathing.

  3. Cat and Cow Pose.  You put your arms and knees on the floor in tabletop and slowly move through the cat pose, where you arch your back up, with you head down, and cow, the opposite, flexing your stomach down and head up, while on all fours.

  4. Head to Knee Pose.  Sit with your legs extended in front of you.  Bring your right foot to your left knee. Bend over your left leg.  Do this for a minute and then switch.

  5. Wide Angle Forward Bend.  Sit with your legs open wide.  Move your hands out in front of you and breathe here.

  6. Reclined butterfly Pose.  Lie down on the ground. Put your feet together in butterfly pose.  Breathe here.