I’ve had PMDD for honestly as long as I can remember… since I was a teenager (I’ll be 30 Friday)… I’ve been taking Jubilance for a month now, and I am BLOWN AWAY. I have debilitating symptoms… I will cry uncontrollably, cancel plans, feel so out of control, have intense anxiety… all of it. This month, I woke up to my period and FREAKED. OUT. I woke my husband up lol… I said… babe… I didn’t even know my period was coming!! Nearly all of my PMS was gone this month… I’m still in awe and I hope it continues! I even have a nasty head cold that won’t go away and I STILL feel so much better mentally even though I’m physically not feeling so hot. I pray it works for you… it’s life changing.

Jubilance PMS Support Relief Bottle

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