It’s the best holiday of the whole year! At least, that’s my view of it… Halloween! And you don’t need to spend a fortune to look fantastic! Here are some easy costume ideas and where to find them.

  1. Party Animals. Wear your best party dress and an animal mask. And live it up as the life of the party! You can get a reasonably priced mask on Amazon or from Party City.
  2. Britney Spears circa “Baby One More Time.” I knocked this out of the park on a Halloween cruise this year. I just found everything in my closet, a white button down, grey sweater, tall black socks, and a school girl skirt and put my hair in braids. Super easy and you probably have all the elements just in your closet!
  3. Regina George in Mean Girls. Wear your cutest mini skirt and favorite colored bra. Then head to Salvation Army and buy a tank top you can cut up. Cut the classic holes in the tank top in the spots where you can see the bra through.
  4. Sandy from Grease. Grab your black pants and a black t shirt and throw a motorcycle jacket over it! Voila! Easy costume!
  5. The Bachelorette. Wear a long gown and carry a rose and you’re The Bachelorette! You can wear that old prom dress, that bridesmaid dress just hanging in your closet, or find one at a Good Will!
  6. Princess Leia. Wear a white dress and put your hair in the iconic buns! It’s really the buns that will do it.
  7. Smart Cookie. If you have a graduation robe, wear it and print out pictures of cookies to place all over it!
  8. Harry Potter Student. You can also use that old graduation robe to wear as a Hogwarts student. Just print out the Hogwarts crest and tape it to your robe!
  9. Freudian Slip. Take a slip from your closet and add words to it by printing them out and taping them to the slip like “ego,” “superego,” and “oedipal complex.”

You can find things in your closet to make a great costume and by adding just a few elements, turn it into a success!