I love Halloween. I love dressing up, scary movies, giving friends “you got BOOed” packages, taking my boys trick or treating, and greeting trick or treaters.

Here in Austin, Texas we are really hoping the weather gets out of the 90s, so we don’t sweat buckets while trick or treating. However, hot or cool weather, we are ready for Halloween….we will be, once my boys decide on our “theme”. They have been going back and forth between Stranger Things, Marvel Villains, and horror movie monsters. It’s important to pick the perfect Halloween costume, so I understand their indecision.

This year we are trying something new. The two Saturdays before Halloween we are going to have a haunted trail. We have a open space path that runs by my house and my boys and their friends have been planning this activity since July. They decided to ask for can food donations for entry into their “Psycho Path” (they came up with the name). I’m very proud that they are planning to donate the food donations to the Austin Food Bank.

They reminded me that even with our fun traditions and celebrations in the coming months, to continue to think of others and help in anyway we can. If my boys and I can put a smile on someone’s face or make something easier in their life, then we have had an incredible Halloween and next we will be THANKFUL for that moment.

Have a fun and happy Halloween!