The science is in: Hormones are NOT the Cause of PMS  mood swings

We’ve been told for years that the anxiety, gloomy mood, stress and irritability that come with PMS each month are due to shifting levels of hormones before your period. But a body of new scientific research indicates that, while hormones play a part in the timing of Emotional  PMS, they are not the underlying cause of these symptoms.

Instead, research is showing that Emotional PMS symptoms are caused by changes in how glucose (sugar) and triglycerides (fat) are processed in the brain.

This means that doctors have been treating Emotional PMS incorrectly for decades. The standard treatment for PMS, hormonal birth control, suppresses the body’s natural hormonal cycling but doesn’t address the true problem.

Have you ever experienced sugar cravings during PMS?

Many women do, especially if the sugar is combined with a bit of fat, such as in chocolate bars and ice cream. The body is often smarter than we give it credit for, and it craves what it needs.

Before your period that need is sugar, which it needs specifically in the cerebellum, a part of the brain in charge of “primitive” emotions. When dysfunctioning, the cerebellum has been shown to cause irritability, anger, gloominess and mood swings.

Scientific studies that track sugar (glucose) levels in the brain have shown that the cerebellum of women with extreme PMS mood swings consume a much larger amount of sugar than normal. The cerebellum sits in the lower part of the brain. It plays a key roles in motor control, attention, and regulating fear and pleasure responses. Just like patients with severe PMS, persons with bipolar depression have also been shown to have an increased demand for sugar in the cerebellum.

In the times that you have PMS mood changes, your cerebellum may be quickly burning through your body’s available supply of sugar.

What happens if your cerebellum doesn’t get the extra sugar it needs in the days before your period? You begin to crave sugar and struggle with all the PMS swings in emotion like irritability, gloomy mood, anxiety and stress.

This is the same reason why all people, men included, experience temporary mood symptoms similar to PMS when we get hungry and our blood sugar drops too low.

But the symptoms of Emotional PMS remain whether or not you’re hungry.

So is the answer to mild PMS mood changes to just eat more chocolate and feast on fatty treats high in sugar?

While sugar and fats binge eating to fuel your cerebellum brings temporary relief to some women, (9, 10) this sugar binge brings on many more problems beyond the quick sugar rush, including increasing the risk of depressed mood. In a study of about 70,000 women, scientists at Columbia University investigated the link between sugary foods and depression. The work, recently published in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, found a statistically significant increase in depression in women who consumed foods with added sugars. In contrast, women who consumed fruits and vegetables had a significantly lower incidence of depression. (11)

So by feeding your PMS craving with chocolate bars, you may actually be increasing your risk of depressed mood instead of solving it. Additionally, consumption of sugary fatty treats have a number of other health consequences, and is definitely not ideal for weight maintenance. So just loading up on chocolate is not the answer.  And adjusting your hormones to eliminate your natural cycling may not be the best idea either.

But scientific research has found a solution.

Clinical trials have validated a method to safely and effectively reduce PMS mood swings each month, significantly reducing anxiety, gloomy mood, stress and irritation.  And this solution does not involve hormones or drugs.  Instead, it works via energy through a molecule called oxaloacetate.

Oxaloacetate and Energy Production

Every cell of your body contains certain energy metabolites. One of them, oxaloacetate, is a critical compound for mitochondria, the power plants of the cell responsible for more than 90% of the energy you need to live, think, breathe and move.

Why Your Liver Needs Oxaloacetate

The liver plays a key role in gluconeogenesis, a vital process that provides the right amount of glucose to the brain. Oxaloacetate is required for gluconeogenesis to work. In fact, oxaloacetate is so crucial to the body’s functioning, babies born with low or no oxaloacetate suffer from impaired brain development or die as children.

Oxaloacetate is found in trace amounts in many common foods, and normally the body can find enough to survive without any problems. But during PMS, the cerebellum requires much larger amounts of sugar, and without enough oxaloacetate, the liver can’t keep up with the larger demand.

Why Your Brain Needs Oxaloacetate

GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for relieving anxiety and elevating mood, is always in a balancing act with glutamine, a neurotransmitter that, when in excess, causes toxic over-excitement of brain cells. Scientists have found that women with severe PMS symptoms experience far less activation of the GABA system in the days before their period.

As well, scientific studies have shown that when more oxaloacetate is available to neurons, the brain is better able to bring itself into balance, lowering levels of glutamate when there is too much and raising levels of GABA when there isn’t enough.

The Historic Clinical Trial

While years of scientific evidence point to higher amounts of oxaloacetate as the key to relieving symptoms of Emotional PMS, there had never been a clinical trial of its effect on humans until this year.

Published in April of 2018, a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial registered with the National Institutes of Health found 100 mg of oxaloacetate, delivered in a highly stable and bioavailable form, highly effective in reducing PMS-related anxiety, gloomy mood, perceived stress (the unhealthy form of stress) and irritation.

In fact, oxaloacetate was shown to be more effective in relieving symptoms of emotional PMS than any other over-the-counter solution ever tested in a clinical trial. You can read about the Clinical Trial here:

Anxiety was improved by 51%

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  • Gloomy Mood was improved by 54%
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    • Don’t let Emotional PMS pull you down
  • Perceived Stress was improved by 36%
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    • Keeping the “small things” small, allows you to tackle the larger issues in your life.
  • Irritability was improved by 18%
    • You don’t need to use PMS as an excuse anymore.
    • Increasing your emotional flexibility allows you to enjoy the activities and people you love
    • You get to pick your battles, rather than responding to every battle.  Some battles are worth fighting, but not all of them are.

Can these improvements in mood make a profound difference in your life?  Here’s what some of the trial participants had to say:


I am just beyond words…I have taken supplements that worked but NOTHING has worked this well. These eliminated my [mild] mood swings…Simply put, I feel like a demon has taken over my body…I have found my solution and I am beyond happy. It is like a 1000-pound weight taken off my shoulders. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


I started noticing a significant difference in my PMS symptoms right around the 40-year mark. My PMS symptoms were becoming so extreme that they were derailing my life and starting to have an extremely negative impact on my relationships with family and friends. I did some internet research and stumbled on a clinical trial for severe PMS symptoms.

The difference in my life after starting to take Jubilance is significant. I feel normal again. I no longer dread that time of the month—no more crippling frustration, irrational irritability and exhaustion with life in general. I don’t know how it works, I just know it does. I intend to continue taking Jubilance for the sake of every person who experiences a better me for having found it.


My PMS symptoms had become so severe that it was affecting not only my everyday life but taking a major toll on my marriage as well. My husband actually found the PMS clinical trial for me, because we were desperately grasping at straws to improve my moods and general disposition. I noticed an immediate change as soon as I started taking it and could easily tell the difference between the product and the placebo. It improved my moods greatly, and honestly was a wonder supplement. I wish I had heard about Jubilance before, as there were many very trying days. I’m forever grateful to my husband for finding the trial, and to the researchers for making this product accessible.

Jubilance is a doctor-recommended nutritional supplement that contains oxaloacetate.  This energy metabolite is a powerful small molecule anti-oxidant in a patented formula to stabilize the oxaloacetate for best results.  Doctors love this product:

Dr. John Humiston

I just saw a patient today, an ICU nurse who is 28 and very put together—except for one day a month, right before her period, where she sinks into a state of gloom and irritability. She told me she took [oxaloacetate] last month…her words were “it was like magic.” She said it didn’t take all the mild sadness/symptoms away, but she was so grateful that it brought down the whole situation into the manageable stage, where she could control it with her mind. This is a typical story, that [oxaloacetate] really relieves [minor] PMS problems reliably and promptly. The only thing somewhat different about this patient is that the degree of emotion is greater than usual—but not too unusual. You really have the answer to emotional PMS!

We’ve only launched Jubilance onto the general marketplace in the last few months, and we want to get it out to as many women as possible to spread the word.

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You have probably tried other supplements for Emotional PMS before. There is no shortage of companies that will sell you any type of herbs or berries they can fit in a pill. We have even seen bee pollen for sale for PMS. However, what is lacking from many of these other “remedies” is any type of clinical trial to see how well they work.  Jubilance is backed by science, with verified results.  The US FDA allows us to make this Structure/ Function Claim, seen on every bottle of Jubilance:

Jubilance TM (Oxaloacetate) may help alleviate the mild to moderate psychological and/or behavioral symptoms associated with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)*

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Jubilance TM (Oxaloacetate) may help alleviate the mild to moderate psychological and/or behavioral symptoms associated with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)*

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