November is the season of reflection, thinking about your daily routine, your family, and giving thanks to the life you have. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the routine of the day with meals to cook, work, children and family members to look after, and having fun to take the time to practice gratitude, but by implementing maybe one or two of these ideas can help you find gratitude in your daily life routine.

  • Put a post it note on your front door so you see it every time you walk out the door. Write on it “gratitude.” When you see the post it, you’ll then have to think of something you’re grateful for. I have a chalk board door in my apartment where I write inspirational quotes and sometimes my grocery list, right now it says, “reconnaissance” which means “gratitude” in French.
  • Tell someone how much you love or appreciate them every day. It can be your partner, your children, or even a tell a co-worker about something you appreciate about what they’re doing. Lift others up with you. I try to say something nice to my sister every day, sometimes you just need to tell someone how much you love them.
  • Notice the beauty around you. There’s always something to appreciate. I like to look out my window at work and watch the birds in the tree near me.
  • Go for a walk. Sometimes you just need to get some fresh air. Even if its just 5 minutes on your lunch break, make sure to breathe. Sometimes I just go walk to the grocery store and get a sparkling water, it’s so pleasant to be outside for a little while.
  • When you smile you are automatically happier.
  • Volunteer for an organization that you love! I live next to Central Park and I love the park, so I volunteer once a month to help with gardening. I meet other people who love the park and I appreciate it a little more.