With so much technology right at our fingertips, there are now ways that can help you track your period! Now there are apps that allow you to track your period so you know when it, or your PMS is coming. I tried each of these and here are my favorites.

  1. EVE.  Right when you click on the app you know you’re in for a different kind of period app. Their tagline keeps changing from “Your period positive squad” to “Your body positive squad” to “Your sex positive squad,” and to click on the button to get into the app it says “Get it, Girl.” I’m so on board. To sign up, it’s peppered with cute emojis and the app is easy to use. The app is free, but you can upgrade to premium to get a forecast of your symptoms and moods, but overall this app was awesome. You can connect with other users to talk about your periods and read great blogs.
  2. CLUE also helps with tracking your cycle and your health. You can also connect with your friends to share when your cycles happen so you can talk about it which was pretty cool. The app was easy to use and you could track what kind of period you were having with the log. And it’s free!
  3. THE LIFE app starts off strong. They ask you for all your information about your period before you get into the interface of the app. Unfortunately, it’s not all free. But they do explain that they don’t sell your party to third party data. It can also help you track other parts of your health from your weight to your fertility history.
  4. CYCLES app is easy to use and just about tracking your cycle. If you want a simple, user friendly app that only tracks your period, this is it, and it’s totally free. I liked that it was easy to use and professional looking. Also it told me when my period was, when it expects me to be ovulating, as well as when I would have PMS! You can also add your friends or even partners (dudes!) to your calendar so everyone knows what your body is up to.
  5. FITBIT has an app and you don’t even need the fitbit device to use it. And… it tracks your period! Just go to the home page of the fitbit app and click on log your period. Not only does it log your period, but it can help track cramps and headaches! It was easy to use and perfect if you want to track the rest of your health at the same time. And the app is free!