There are these boys who stole my heart, they call me mom.

Every day, every month, all the time…. I look at my three boys and think, “they are mine!” “look at my baby” and “I’m so blessed”.  I love being a mom, but I really love being a BOYMOM.

Boymoms are part of a rare club.  Boys are wild, active, exhausting, and amazing.  They are daredevils and know no fear.  They make my heart dive to my stomach when they are doing their many tricks that start with “hey mom, watch this.”  They are either moving, eating, or sleeping.  They are always hungry and mine love steak.  When they finally slow down and sleep, they snore.  As a boymom of three, there is little down time and very little quiet time.  However, they love more than anyone. They cuddle and hug and always tell me they love me.  They love each other.  They are the best of friends and no matter what are always there for each other.

February is the month to show our loved ones how much we love them.  Even though I’m a boymom, I still know how important it is to celebrate my love for my boys.  February and Valentine’s Day is not just for girls. Last year I taped hearts on the bedroom doors with reasons why I love them.  The hearts are still taped to their doors and they read them everyday with a big smile on their face.  I can’t wait to surprise them this year with a bouquet each, made of their favorite candy bars.  Boys need to know they are loved and celebrated. My boys never leave the house without hearing me tell them that I love them.  They have stolen my heart and being their mom is the best Valentine’s gift I could ever have.

Kellidawn is a true southern girl at heart. When she’s not wrangling her three boys, she can be found broadening the minds of high school seniors in her English class. This former college twirler is also an avid Star Wars fan and movie buff who loves spending time with family and friends.