I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year in my Barbie sized kitchen.  Living space in NYC is a premium and entertaining especially cooking in my kitchen is a juggling act not to mention serving dinner in my living room/dining room/office but that’s my 500 square foot home and I love it!  I am also grateful to share the day with my family and friends.

A few tips I have learned while entertaining and cooking is that it doesn’t have to be crazy!

  • Set your table, I use a neutral tablecloth I bought on sale at HomeGoods,  so that I can use it all year long since I don’t have a lot of storage.
  • Add seasonal paper napkins to give your table a pop of color
  • Pick Up Leaves outside (this could be a fun family activity)
  • I love to mix and match my dishes and add a pop of color with cut flowers or colorful mum plants (if you are lucky and live in a milder climate you can later plant your mum outside to enjoy next year)
  • Place Candles on your table or scatter around your home to create a warm ambience.
  • Prep food ahead of time – watch TV while peeling apples or chopping onions and celery
  • Have drinks (glassware)  and appetizers (small plates) readily available so everyone can help themselves
  • Food doesn’t need to be piping hot.  Serve one to two dishes warm and the rest at room temperature.
  • When guests offer to bring something “Let them!” If they aren’t cooks ask for bread, ice, olives….. Most importantly don’t try to do everything yourself.

Enjoy the moment….. Don’t stress yourself out, remember it’s your family or friends you are cooking for and they love you.

If you need to take a break walk outside, pick up leaves to decorate the table, take a deep breath and remember what you are grateful for.  And don’t forget your Jubilance that day!

Let me know what works for you so I can share with our readers.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!