“After a lifetime of suffering EVERY MONTH, suddenly I’m PMS free.

It feels like I’m finally meeting the real me.

This is truly life-changing!”

Sarah, After 2 months of daily oxaloacetate therapy

How Women Across the U.S. Are Using The Science of Oxaloacetate To Stop PMS Mood Symptoms For Good

(without altering their female hormones)

A 7-minute read describing…

  • The simple, science-based method to end the constant struggle with PMS
  • Why the age-old paradigm of “PMS is just your hormones,” is missing a major piece of the story
  • The double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials that significantly lowered PMS symptoms in 83% of participants

When it’s bad, PMS is not just a headache.

It can flip a switch that turns life from good to miserable.

  • Crippling anxiety about things that normally roll off your back…
  • Floods of emotion that overwhelm you out of nowhere…
  • Hair-trigger anger that puts words in your mouth you’d never otherwise say…
  • Junk food cravings that derail all the healthy habits you work so hard to stick to the rest of the month…


Finally, we can put this outdated belief behind us.

Today, scientific studies have given us a strong picture of the biological mechanisms behind PMS and how to address it at its root cause.

Since June 2017, a new non-hormonal, non-pharmaceutical method for treating PMS mood symptoms has been growing in popularity with women across the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

It is based on the peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled clinical trial, published by The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Science, which demonstrated relief for PMS-related anxiety, gloominess, irritability and stress to a degree well beyond any other PMS treatment options typically used in the western medical paradigm.

In fact, the scientist behind the study had this to say:

So if you’re ready to…

  • Free up all the energy you spend dealing with PMS each month,
  • Seize the potential that has been trapped under your monthly PMS symptoms,
  • Bring your true, authentic self to your relationships all month long, and
  • Enjoy all the best moments of life without worrying about looming PMS…
Kick Your Feet Up and Enjoy the Article

But before you do,

Please know, all bodies are different, and the method described here does not work for every woman.

It also may not resolve all of your PMS symptoms completely.

However, in placebo-controlled clinical trials, 83% of women following the science-based method outlined here experienced significant, life-changing PMS relief.

If you’re willing to try something new, this article might hold the scientific data you need to finally get the PMS relief, and the life, you deserve.


My name is Kathy Cash. Five years ago, my daughter and I embarked on a mission we never expected: to empower 150,000 women to live a PMS-free life by 2024 (and we might get there early!).

Everything in our culture, including far too many doctors, tells us that PMS is just an unfortunate, unchangeable part of life as a woman.

And yet, each year we hear from thousands more women who have used oxaloacetate therapy to live a life PMS-free.

Here are some of our favorite stories:

“Normally, my mood swings kick in on the 20th of every month, and begins 10-12 days of extremely emotional PMS before flow comes to town.

I get dizzy, extremely moody, teary, and overall just feel helpless.

I started oxaloacetate about three weeks before my mood swings usually start.

Let me tell you, the 20th rolled around, and I felt fine, then the 21st, then the 22nd, then the 23rd… and no negative emotions, no dark thoughts, no crying…. now, get this:

I DID NOT GET PMS! I swear to the effin ladygods, I was completely fine. I did not cry, I did not lash out, I did not say that I was going to give up…. I literally felt fine.

I cannot believe it. I have not been PMS free in years.”

– Emma Burley, makeup artist

“As I’ve gotten older, I’m 39 now, PMS gradually morphed into a mental issue where the moodiness turned into massive amounts of anxiety.

It was a Jekyll and Hyde thing that I couldn’t figure out.

It would get much worse after ovulation, and there were times that PMS lasted as long as two weeks.

Sometimes I only had one good week out of the month.

I tried everything…

I’ve tried lowering my stress level or my schedule, I’ve tried the antidepressants, I’ve tried massive diet changes, birth control options and nothing worked at all.

And so, I came across oxaloacetate and I thought, “I have nothing to lose! So, let’s give it a go!”

After starting I noticed an immediate difference.

It was pretty instantaneous. I was a good five days out before my period would start. And I was like,

“I’m still human, I feel like myself! Check me out! This is amazing!”

I still had some small symptoms, but they were so decreased, they were so much less.

It came with a really insane clarity of, “Okay, I’m not totally crazy here, there’s something to it, I don’t just one week love all these things in life and then the next week hate everything. The real me is the me without PMS.

– Susan Patterson, Airline Pilot

“After I had my daughter, my PMS symptoms became unmanageable.

I would have two good weeks and then two terrible, long, miserable weeks.

I would get very angry, moody, mean, anxious, sad, and irrational.

I would convince myself that I was a terrible mother. It was rough, but once my period would start I would be happy, calm, and my normal self.

I went to my doctor and was given continuous birth control. The idea being, that if I would skip my periods, I would skip the hormonal shifts. Sounds good in theory but this did not happen at all. I was even worse!

I started doing my own research and stumbled upon oxaloacetate and that has been life changing!!!

I’ve only been taking it for two months but my life is 100% better!

I’ve had two straight months of no PMS at all! 60 days of being level headed, happy and calm.

No more calling out sick from work. No more cursing my husband out over silly, trivial things. No more feeling like the worst, most incompetent mother on the planet. No more convincing myself of totally irrational things!”

– Kolette Sisk, Rural Mail Carrier


If you talk to doctors not well-versed in the latest science of women’s health (as many unfortunately are), they will tell you this is simply impossible.

For decades, the dominant medical paradigm has been that PMS is caused solely by hormone shifts before menstruation.

But this pseudo-scientific conclusion misses something key…

Female Hormones Gif

A body of new scientific research indicates that while hormones determine the timing of PMS, they are not the underlying cause of these symptoms.

In fact, recent studies show that women who experience severe PMS symptoms, and those who experience no symptoms at all, have no difference in hormone levels throughout the menstrual cycle. (Biggs, 2011).


Most women do, and for good reason. The body is often more intelligent than we give it credit for, and it craves what it needs.

Studies show that eating a single chocolate bar (a food with both quick-digesting sugars and fats) doesn’t just provide a distraction from the struggle of PMS, it actually lowers the severity of emotional symptoms. (Michener, 1999).

Recent brain scan studies give a major clue for the reason why junk foods can relieve PMS symptoms, at least temporarily.

When scientists scanned the brains of women experiencing PMS, they saw an abnormally large spike in glucose (sugar) uptake in a specific region of the brain called the cerebellum. (Liu, 2015).

Glucose Spike Icon

This spike in glucose uptake is a sign that the cerebellum is in need of more energy than normal.

When the cerebellum is damaged, or unable to obtain enough glucose, studies show that patients (both men and women) experience irritability, anger, sensitivity, anxiety and mood swings, the hallmark emotional symptoms of PMS. (Schmahmann, 2019).

These findings are leading scientists to conclude…

  • During PMS, the cerebellum requires more energy to function properly
  • If it doesn’t get enough energy, the cerebellum is thrown into dysfunction, causing the emotional symptoms of PMS.
  • In an attempt to remedy the problem, the brain may crave quick, glucose-spiking foods to bring extra energy to the cerebellum.

Unfortunately, due to the way our bodies process sugar, a blood sugar spike inevitably leads to a blood sugar crash.

This leaves the cerebellum with less glucose than before, and symptoms return even worse than prior to eating the junk food.


Only a few lifestyle modifications have been shown to reliably decrease the severity of emotional PMS symptoms.

They all work through pathways that support a stable supply of blood sugar to the brain, with less severe highs and lows. (Tsai, 2016).

They include:

  • Regular practice of yoga
  • Regular aerobic exercise
  • Regular High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Diets with lower glycemic loads (less sugar and simple carbohydrates)
  • Improved sleep hygiene (Regular, restful sleep for 8+ hours)

Fortunately, there is another alternative solution that can both…

1. Support the healthy liver function needed to keep blood-sugar levels stable throughout the PMS period, giving the cerebellum the uninterrupted fuel source it needs

2. Support healthy mitochondrial function in the cerebellum, helping the brain use that steady supply of glucose as quickly and efficiently as possible during PMS


To understand how the supplemental ketone known as “thermally stabilized oxaloacetate” interacts with the root causes of PMS, you need to first understand its history.

Oxaloacetate (ox-a-lo-a-ce-tate), also known as OAA, has been known to science since it was discovered by Nobel Laureate Dr. Hans Krebs in the 1930s.

You may remember it from your high school biology class on mitochondria.

However, because of the chemical makeup of OAA, it oxidizes (i.e. spoils), unless stored at sub-zero temperatures.

While scientists have been able to do some incredible things with supplemental OAA on a small scale, the necessity of storing the compound in specialized freezers has made it impractical to research on a large scale.

That is, until a physicist, Alan Cash, developed a chemical method to keep OAA shelf stable in a capsule just like any other vitamin.

As soon as the technology became available, scientists began researching the compound and it hit the shelves worldwide as an over-the-counter nutritional supplement.

Because of OAA’s relationship to the Krebs Cycle, it quickly became a common tool doctors recommended to patients to support healthy blood sugar levels and fight fatigue.

We used the technology to start a small, family-run biotechnology business, Terra Biological, and sold OAA supplements mostly to doctors and health care centers.

Then, something started happening that changed everything.

It started with a normal call from one of our regular customers, Dr. Humiston, a family practice physician. 

He called to place an order for his patients, and while I took down his information, he mentioned an interesting story. 

He said that a few months ago, he had recommended a daily OAA regimen to one of his patients struggling with fatigue.

Months later, she came back in for a check up, and told the doctor that while her fatigue was improving, she was much more excited about a different benefit of OAA. 

Ever since starting OAA supplementation, the PMS anxiety and mood swings she had struggled with since her teens had completely disappeared.

John Humiston MD Testimonial


As weeks went by, we received more and more word from doctors about this curious benefit of OAA.

Along with many other physicians, Dr. Humiston started recommending OAA to other patients struggling with PMS.

A couple months later, we received this email from Dr. Humiston,

“I am up to almost 30 women treated for PMS mood  and mood swings. I have only had one failuire.

Every other woman who has given me feedback has said that it substantially resolves emotional PMS symptoms, in a short time from taking the supplement…”


After receiving that email, the first thing I did was mail a bottle of OAA supplements to my daughter, who was in college at the time.

Since she had left home, we had received a series of phone calls from her at the same time each month.

We could hear her distraught, sad, angry and suffering, asking us for help, but no words or anything we did would make her feel better.

The worst feeling as a parent is hearing your child in pain but not being able to help.

Lo and behold, the next time our daughter called, she had stories to share, grades to brag about and sounded like herself again.

We waited a month, and then another, and fortunately the anxious, desperate voice never came back.


Our scientific research team prioritized investigation into why OAA, something that didn’t appear to impact female hormones at all, seemed so effective at relieving PMS.

Based on the old theories of PMS, it frankly didn’t make sense.

Weeks later, the team came back with a strong theory.

Increased Liver Function

The liver plays a key role in gluconeogenesis, a vital process that provides the right amount of glucose to the brain. Oxaloacetate is required for gluconeogenesis to work.

Normally, the body can produce enough OAA to survive without any problems, and it is found in trace amounts in many common foods. Any food with a high density of mitochondria (peas and pigeon breast have some of the highest amounts) will contain a small but measurable amount of OAA.

But during PMS, the cerebellum requires much larger amounts of sugar, and without enough oxaloacetate, the liver can’t keep up with the larger demand.

Healthy Brain Function

GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for relieving anxiety and elevating mood, is always in a balancing act with glutamine, a neurotransmitter that, when in excess, causes toxic over-excitement of brain cells.


Scientific studies have shown that OAA supplements support the brain’s ability to bring itself into balance, lowering levels of glutamate when there is too much and raising levels of GABA when there isn’t enough. (Wilkins, 2014).


We knew this discovery had the potential of transforming the lives of millions of women. My daughter knew it, too.

And we knew that the women who would benefit from PMS relief deserved a woman-powered team to champion this cause.

So my daughter and I struck out on our own and founded Jubilance, a company to make PMS mood swings a thing of the past.

The First order r

We put out requests into the medical research community, and within days, we were overwhelmed with support from medical professionals who knew this field of research was in dire need of attention.

So we ran our first clinical trial on oxaloacetate for PMS. The trial was designed to ensure the results ruled out any placebo-effect and any possible bias from scientists or study participants. The study was…

We were confident that the results would show significant relief from PMS, but when the numbers were finally crunched, the scientific team was floored by the results.

Daily OAA supplementation for just one month produced more emotional PMS relief on average than any other non-prescription intervention ever tested in clinical trials.

Clinical Trial of Oxaloacetate for Emotional Premenstrual Syndrome

  • Improvement in PMS-related Anxiety by 51%

  • Improvement in PMS-related Gloominess by 54%

  • Improvement in PMS-related Stress by 36%

  • Improvement in PMS-related Irritability by 18%

Based on the strong clinical trial data and the many emphatic reports from doctors, the FDA concurred with the first and only “structure/function” claim for an over-the-counter solution for PMS mood symptoms in history:

“Oxaloacetate may help alleviate the mild to moderate psychological and/or behavioral symptoms associated with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).”

With the validation of hard science, we launched Jubilance, an OAA supplement specifically for Emotional PMS relief.

Every capsule of Jubilance contains the same formula shown to relieve emotional PMS symptoms in clinical research.

Jubilance for PMS Symptoms Relief
Jubilance friends supporting pms anxiety

Every week, we find more incredible reviews on Facebook. Our favorites are the ones we don’t even ask for, women sharing life-changing stories as comments on our Facebook ads. Here are just a few screenshots.

  • Jubilance on Oranges
  • jubilance-supplement-facts-ingredients-pms-oaa

How will your life improve without PMS in the way?

Jubilance is the most advanced scientific solution to relieving PMS mood symptoms available.

In gold-standard peer-reviewed clinical trials, women who took Jubilance daily for just one month experienced,

  • 54% improvement of PMS-related gloominess
  • 51% improvement of PMS-related anxiety
  • 36% improvement of PMS-related stress
  • 18% improvement of PMS-related irritability

Put Jubilance to the test risk-free. If it isn’t for you, just shoot us an email and we’ll issue a full refund. No need to mail back the bottle.

Try Jubilance Today

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But there’s a catch: Jubilance doesn’t work for everyone.

Every body is unique, and no single solution will work the same for everyone.

Of the more than 35,000 women who have tried Jubilance so far, 82% purchase a second bottle or more.

That means a small but still significant portion of women don’t respond with enough PMS relief to justify taking a daily supplement.

So we make sure you can run your own personal PMS experiment, risk-free.

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Jubilance’s packaging is completely plain and discreet on the outside, so you can keep your neighbors out of your business, and beautiful on the inside. Your first bottle includes a bookmark made from seed paper, which you can plant and watch wildflowers bloom alongside your new PMS-free life.

If you choose to purchase a subscription, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time, without any consequences or fees, with just a few clicks via jubilance.com/my-account, easy as pie.

Or shoot us an email or phone call and we’ll be happy to cancel your subscription for you.

Your Jubilance purchase comes with a myriad of free wellness resources to help you stay balanced, grounded and inspired all month long.

  • Free ebook copy of “Fighting Emotional PMS and Winning with Jubilance”
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What if you never had to struggle through PMS again?

Jubilance is the most advanced scientific solution to relieving PMS mood symptoms available.

In gold-standard peer-reviewed clinical trials, women who took Jubilance daily for just one month experienced,

  • 54% improvement of PMS-related gloominess
  • 51% improvement of PMS-related anxiety
  • 36% improvement of PMS-related stress
  • 18% improvement of PMS-related irritability

Put Jubilance to the test risk-free for $10 off your first bottle of a monthly subscription.

If it isn’t for you, just shoot us an email and we’ll issue a full refund. No need to mail back the bottle.

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