Jubilance Starter Bottle

Jubilance Starter Bottle


Not sure yet if Jubilance is right for you? Try one month (30 capsules) of Jubilance without commitment to a subscription plan.

Each bottle of Jubilance contains 30 capsules each with 100 milligrams of patented thermally stabilized oxaloacetate (30 day supply). This patented oxaloacetate formula was shown in multiple placebo-controlled clinical trials to relieve the emotional symptoms of PMS when taken daily.

Clinical trials showed in the first month of use:

  • 54% Improvement in PMS-related melancholy mood
  • 51% Improvement in PMS-related anxiety
  • 36% Improvement in PMS-related stress
  • 18% Improvement in PMS-related irritability


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 7 × 10 in


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