We’re thrilled for the Jubilance research and development team to be joining this year’s American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Annual World Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We’ll be talking to doctors and medical professionals about the latest clinical trials of oxaloacetate for emotional PMS symptoms and the latest research on the frontier of women’s health.

Each time we present the peer-reviewed science-based picture of PMS, and the studies that show hormones are not the only factor in emotional PMS symptoms, doctors from all sorts of disciplines are intrigued and excited. The one comment we hear the most, “When did this research get published? I never heard about this in medical school!”

While some of the latest research on oxaloacetate has only been published recently, many studies indicating the role of brain and liver function in PMS have been around for decades. The medical establishment, for better or for worse, is simply slow to adopt new science into their curriculum. Thus, even younger doctors fresh out of medical school are too often still under the impression that emotional PMS can’t be treated without changing female hormone levels.

If you’ll be at the “A4M” conference this year, be sure to stop by and say at Booth #4070. We’d love to meet you.