We have entered a new decade and we still aren’t flying cars, but so much has changed and so much more is coming.  I’ve been reading books and articles about what to do for the new year.  One question that has really stood out to me is, “Where would you like to see growth in your life?”. The reason it stood out to me is because my first response was, “I don’t know!”.  After much thought, I decided I don’t want changes.  I’m happy with my life and myself.  I want that happiness to grow.  So, my “goals, resolutions, growth” for 2020 is not much more different than 2019.

  1.     Physical Health:  continue to focus on eating healthy and exercising.  I have set goals on cooking, eating out, and morning and afternoon workouts.
  2.   Spiritual Health:  morning devotionals, mediation, and faith.  A peaceful calm mind creates a happy and appreciative spirit.
  3.   Family and Friends:  nothing makes me happier than being with the people who are dearest to me. I plan to continue dinners with friends, and one on one time with each one of my boys, and I will make more time with my family that doesn’t live close with more phone calls, texts, and visits.
  4.   Adventure/Travel:  I love to travel and so do my boys.  We are taking a fun vacation for spring break and are already planning road trips for our summer break.  We have wheels, therefore, we travel!
  5.   Home:  I want to be organized, not minimal, but organized.  I plan to purge my house this month and stop holding on to things “I might need one day”.
  6.   Finances:  save, save, save, but enjoy life and be wise in my spending.
  7.   Dating:  Ok, this one is new…. Widowed single mom is really going to try dating with an open mind and no more comparing.  I’m ready to move forward in my life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2020 and remember just because it’s a new year, does not mean a new you!  I intend to stay happy doing the things that make me happy.  Also, it’s only January, if you have already broken or have not fulfilled one or more of those resolutions/goals/growths, don’t worry.  You have 11 more months to get there.  January is just the start of a new year and in this case a new decade, but it’s not the start to a new you.  Continue to love yourself and do what makes you YOU!!!

CHEERS to 2020!  Let’s enjoy it!