This month we’re reading Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, just in time for the newest adaptation of Little Women in theatres now! This book talks about how Louisa May Alcott came upon writing the story and why we still read it today!

Some fun facts I learned from this book:

  1. JK Rowling was inspired by Jo March when writing Hermione!
  2. Screenwriter Linda Woolverton stated that Jo March and in particular Katharine Hepburn’s take on her was what inspired her to write the character of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
  3. Louisa May Alcott had four sisters, the eldest, Anna, the middle sister who did die early Lizzie, and May, the sister who dreamed of being a famous artist.
  4. In real life, the Alcott family was destitute and relied on Louisa’s writing to support the family.
  5. Alcott initially pushed back against writing a book for children, but her editor pushed her into writing the book about her sisters.
  6. Initially, when her editor received the first 12 chapters, he found it incredibly dull and Louisa agreed. But then he gave the chapters to his young niece and she couldn’t stop laughing about the mark on Jo’s dress, burning off Meg’s curls, and the pickled limes.

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