Everyone knows what will happen at the end of a romantic comedy. The leading woman falls in love with the leading man and they all live happily ever after. They had their ups and downs for ninety minutes, but in the end, they realize that it’s meant to be and they’ll be happier together.

In real life, it’s not so simple to find Happy Ever After. Even people who we look at on the outside as those with the “perfect” lives probably don’t think that they’ve made it to true happiness. As humans, we’re constantly striving for the ideal of “happiness.” But at the end of 90 minutes, we see two human beings going off into the sunset to have the best time for the rest of their lives, unless problems strike in a sequel or the third film.

It’s refreshing to escape the problems of our world for those 90 minutes to be entertained with a story that we know is coming. They’re not worrying about taxes, health, politics, we just see a story of love unfurling. And even though I sometimes wish my life could be like a rom com, it’s so much more full because of the little details that don’t make it into the 90 minutes.

This is the season of Rom Coms and I intend to watch a whole lot of them.