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If you have mood issues that include anxiety, gloominess, perceived stress or irritation that occur about a week before your period, you may have Emotional PMS.

You are not alone.

During PMS, hormone levels in some women can shift causing sugar in the brain to become unbalanced. When specific parts of the brain are demanding extra sugar, this can cause reactions including increased anxiety, sadness, irritation, mood swings, and perceived stress.

80% of women experience some form of PMS. Jubilance was created to help. In randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials, it significantly improved anxiety, gloomy mood, perceived stress and irritation associated with PMS.

I participated in the trial and my results showed that the oxaloacetatenow known as Jubilance- made a significant POSITIVE impact on my mood prior to my period. Since then, I have taken Jubilance daily and no longer am dealing with irrational anger before my periods. – Ingrid

I am just beyond words…I have taken supplements that worked but NOTHING has worked this well. And I know it is the supplements because this will be the 3rd month…that is NOT a coincidence.
– Angela

Some mainstream doctors may prescribe hormones, antidepressants and birth control pills for the symptoms, while naturopathic doctors may suggest a variety of herbs. But if you do not want to take drugs or unproven herbs, then Jubilance is the answer to your Emotional PMS symptoms.

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If you’re scientifically minded, click here to read more details of exactly how Jubilance works.

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