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Jubilance Emotional PMS Support

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If you have mood issues that include anxiety, gloominess, perceived stress or irritation that occur about a week before your period, you may have Emotional PMS.

You are not alone.


Oxaloacetic acid

In clinical trials, women improved their PMS mood symptoms with Jubilance.

Jubilance contains one active ingredient that is part of many metabolic reactions occurring naturally in the body. This ingredient, oxaloacetate, is important in energy production, glucose system support, and overall proper cellular functioning.

In peer-reviewed clinical trials, just one month of Jubilance significantly relieved PMS-related anxiety, gloominess, irritability and stress.

In response to the clinical trial results, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed Jubilance to include the structure/function claim of “Oxaloacetate may help alleviate the mild to moderate psychological and/or behavioral symptoms associated with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

During PMS, hormone levels in some women can shift causing the brain to require more sugar than normal. When specific parts of the brain are demanding extra sugar, this can cause unwanted reactions including increased anxiety, sadness, irritation, mood swings, and perceived stress.

Some mainstream doctors may prescribe hormones, antidepressants and birth control pills for the symptoms, while naturopathic doctors may suggest a variety of herbs. But if you do not want to take drugs or unproven herbal blends, then Jubilance may be the answer to your PMS mood symptoms.

51% improvement of PMS Anxiety - 54% improvement of PMS Related Gloominess - 36% improvement of PMS related Stress - 18% improvement of PMS related Irritability
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I participated in the trial and my results showed that the oxaloacetate now known as Jubilance- made a significant POSITIVE impact on my mood prior to my period. Since then, I have taken Jubilance daily and no longer am dealing with irrational anger before my periods. – Ingrid

I am just beyond words…I have taken pms supplements that worked but NOTHING has worked this well. And I know it is the supplements because this will be the 3rd month…that is NOT a coincidence.
– Angela

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Jubilance is powered by the patented compound “thermally stabilized oxaloacetate” (OAA), and paired with Vitamin C to ensure maximum bioavailability.

OAA is the most advanced scientific solution to relieving PMS mood symptoms available on the market today.

In gold-standard peer-reviewed clinical trials, women who took OAA daily for just one monthly cycle experienced,

  • 54% improvement of PMS-related gloominess
  • 51% improvement of PMS-related anxiety
  • 36% improvement of PMS-related stress
  • 18% improvement of PMS-related irritability
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