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With half the population experiencing some form of PMS during their lifetimes, it’s amazing that it’s taken until today to create a supplement that can halt PMS in its tracks. Jubilance is a clinically proven nutritional supplement that can help relieve a number of PMS symptoms.

Jubilance also provides relief for:

What is PMS?


PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is the combination of symptoms that occur to menstruators about a week or two before their period.


Menstruators might experience a variety of PMS symptoms in conjunction with this time of their cycle. The PMS symptoms may include the physical side, like cramping and bloating, and/or women experience the emotional symptoms of PMS, such as stress, anxiety, irritability, and gloominess.

Premenstrual Syndrome varies for each menstruator, but 90% of women experience PMS at some point during their menstrual years. 1

Menstruation typically works on a 28 day cycle, of course it changes from person to person, but on average bleeding starts on the 28th day.

Typically, on the 14th day, ovulation, the stage when an egg is released into the ovaries occurs, and this is generally when PMS starts to appear and can last up to seven days after the end of the cycle. So PMS can last half of each month!

What causes PMS?

Researchers are divided on what causes PMS, but there are two main factors that contribute to PMS:

Cyclical changes in hormones
(these changes mess with hormonal fluctuations in the body)
Chemical changes in the brain
(these chemical imbalances can cause anxiety, mood swings, sadness and more)

Possible PMS Culprits

According to the Mayo Clinic, fluctuations of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is thought to play a role in emotions, could trigger PMS symptoms. 2

There is also a theory that low blood sugar levels in your brain play a role in causing PMS.

In a study from Psychiatry Research, scientists discovered that women with severe mood swings during premenstrual syndrome sent large amounts of glucose to the cerebellum, or the back part of the brain. 3


The Role of Your Cerebellum

The cerebellum is in charge of regulating moods, managing your sex drive, and motor control, and it needs a stream of glucose in order to function. Not having enough glucose for your cerebellum may cause mood swings.

When you’re hangry, it may be your cerebellum telling you that you need to convert the food into energy to function. When you’re PMS-ing you’re most likely craving unhealthy foods, which can make you crash earlier, like when you eat a cookie and you’re still hungry later.

The glucose in the cookie is just a short term gain, and that sugar rush/crash then has you feeling worse than before.

Jubilance PMS Support bottle

The Key: Oxaloacetate

There are ways to balance out the sugar levels at this time of the month, it’s all about feeding the cerebellum so there’s enough of the good glucose when your brain needs energy.

Oxaloacetate, the active ingredient in Jubilance for PMS, is key to turning fatty acids in the liver into glucose that the cerebellum can then use to support healthy emotional functions.

Symptoms of PMS


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Jubilance: A Supplement that Works to Relieve PMS Symptoms

Jubilance PMS Relief

The good news is that there is a supplement that helps with relieving PMS. If you’re ready for a hormone-free, clinically proven solution that’s helped 80% of women relieve their stress, anxiety, irritability, and gloominess, this supplement might be your new BFF.

Jubilance for PMS works to help you feel like you, every day of the month, supporting normal mood swings and helping to fight your PMS.

Jubilance uses the active ingredient, Oxaloacetate, to help you to regulate your glucose levels and provide enough energy to your cerebellum so your glucose isn’t going up and down (reducing that feeling of going on an emotional rollercoaster).

Jubilance PMS Relief

How Jubilance Helps

A hand holding a bottle of Jubilance PMS support

How Jubilance Helps

For example, when you get hangry with PMS, you just want that piece of chocolate. When you eat it, the food provides a quick relief with a spike to your brain of energy, but since it’s so high in glucose (sugars) it also only aids your cravings for a short period of time.

Insulin is produced by your body to consume the sugar, and you can come down hard from that sugar high and your mood swings up and down.

Jubilance for PMS (oxaloacetate) supports normal glucose levels instead of the swing.

Proven Clinical Trial Results

In two clinical trials, Jubilance helped 80% of women feel better after one month of daily supplementing. In just one month, menstruators who took one capsule every day saw an improvement of 54% in gloominess, 51% in anxiety, and a 35% improvement in stress.

In just one month









Jubilance PMS Support Relief Bottle

Ready to try Jubilance for yourself?

If you’re ready to feel like yourself, every single day, Jubilance for PMS may be right for you and may help you live your best life.

Scientific References

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