How Does Jubilance Relieve PMS Mood Swings?

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How it works

Jubilance is made of one single ingredient that is a key metabolite found in every cell of your body.

It is important in energy production, glucose system support, and overall proper cellular functioning. Additionally, in randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials, it significantly improved anxiety, gloominess, perceived stress and irritation associated with PMS. Just like the women in the clinical trials, Jubilance may be your solution to Emotional PMS.

Jubilance Modifies Sugar and Glutamate Levels In Your Brain During PMS

Jubilance contains a single active ingredient, oxaloacetate, a key metabolite found in every cell of your body. Oxaloacetate is vital to energy production, glucose system support and overall proper cellular functioning.

In peer-reviewed clinical trials, just one monthly cycle of Jubilance significantly relieved PMS-related anxiety, gloominess, irritability and stress.

Jubilance’s powerful PMS relief is achieved by addressing multiple causes of PMS mood symptoms: sugar (glucose) metabolism, higher glutamate levels, and inflammation in the brain.

How Blood Sugar Levels Impact PMS Mood Symptoms

There is a good reason why you get sugar and fat cravings before your period.

Scientific studies show that, during PMS, women with severe PMS mood symptoms send much larger amounts of glucose to a specific area of the brain, the cerebellum. (1)

If there is not enough glucose (energy), the cerebellum can’t properly perform important functions like mood regulation, managing fear, pleasure responses and motor control. This leads to the four core mood symptoms of PMS: anxiety, gloominess, stress and irritability. You may have experienced these same mood alterations outside of PMS when you are hungry.

Your body is smart. Ravenous carb and fat cravings are the cerebellum yelling, “Give me more energy NOW!” This is why chocolate, chips and ice cream provide real short-term relief from PMS mood symptoms—and why adjusting hormones did not remove these cravings. (2) But because of the way we metabolically process sugar in these high carb foods, the short-term improvements are quickly lost as we sugar crash leaving the cerebellum with less energy (and more anxiety, gloominess, stress, and irritation) and making us feel worse than before. (3)

Fuel Your Brain With an on-demand supply of energy

Oxaloacetate (Jubilance’s active ingredient) works in the liver to support the process of turning fatty acids into glucose (4) so the sugar energy is readily available for the cerebellum when it needs it most. A well-fed cerebellum overcomes the problem of a hungry brain. In clinical trials, this translated to less mood swings, with 80% of the women receiving the benefits of reduced anxiety and perceived stress, a happier mood and less irritation. (5)

Neurotransmitter Imbalances Make PMS Even Worse

Two neurotransmitters, GABA and glutamate, are always in a balancing act in the brain. During most of the month, the GABA/Glutamate ratio in your brain is level and keeps you feeling normal, but before your period hormonal shifts can knock them off balance. (6)

When glutamate levels are too high and GABA levels are too low, something that normally wouldn’t bother you feels like the world is crashing down on your shoulders. Excessive glutamate putting your brain on overdrive, every PMS symptom is exacerbated. (7)

Jubilance (oxaloacetate) mechanistically reduces excess glutamate levels, (8) and increases GABA levels (9) which may help you to feel like yourself again.

Jubilance has been shown to reduce excess glutamate levels, bringing your GABA and glutamate levels back into balance so you can feel like yourself again.

Brain Inflammation and PMS