After learning about all the benefits of oxaloacetate at the Bulletproof conference, I was excited to give it a try. Never having participated in a clinical study, I was a little skeptical about how the whole thing would work. After testing both placebo and oxaloacetate, it was clear which one was which. My mood and pms symptoms have significantly diminished and I am forever on the oxaloacetate “Jubilance” train!


Goodness! I feel like a whole new woman! I am able to stay calm with my 3 little ones like I never have been able to do. I don't feel like the world, and everyone I love, hates me, I have energy like I haven't had in years, even though I still have broken sleep because of my kids. There were situations in my life that would provoke an insane amount of panic in me. Those same instances have occurred since I began Jubilance and I haven't experienced the panic and it's so incredibly refreshing. Before, I would feel angst about being tearful. Now, I can have a good cry over something sentimental and just move on.

I would also add that my OBSESSIVE sugar cravings have been cut down to nearly nothing. I still like a sweet treat. But gone is the desire to literally make myself sick on sweets.

With as good as I feel and the fact that I feel more in control of my thoughts and feelings now, [Jubilance is] absolutely worth it!


I tried it because my PMS symptoms have gotten out of control over the last few years. Best impulse buy in the history of time!!! The first month I only felt a little less like a monster, but thought, 'hey, I'll take it...' but the next month my irritability had almost disappeared, and now after I think 3 months, the only thing letting me know I'm PMSing is how tired I get for a few days. Everything else that was making me feel like an emotional nut bag is almost nonexistent. I had it all depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, insatiable hunger... all drawing out for a week. I can't express how worth it this is for me. It made me feel like I took control of myself back. I strongly recommend trying it.

Dr. John Humiston

I just saw a patient today, an ICU nurse who is 28 and very put together—except for one day a month, right before her period, where she sinks into a state of gloom and irritability. She told me she took [oxaloacetate] last month when the bad day started happening...her words were “it was like magic.” She said it didn’t take all the mild sadness/symptoms away, but she was so grateful that it brought down the whole situation into the manageable stage, where she could control it with her mind. This is a typical story, that [oxaloacetate] really relieves [minor] PMS problems reliably and promptly. The only thing somewhat different about this patient is that the degree of emotion is greater than usual—but not too unusual. You really have the answer to emotional PMS!


My PMS symptoms had become so severe that it was affecting not only my every day life, but taking a major toll on my marriage as well. My husband actually found the PMS clinical trial for me, because we were desperately grasping at straws to improve my moods and general disposition. I noticed an immediate change as soon as I started taking it, and could easily tell the difference between the product and the placebo. It improved my moods greatly, and honestly was a wonder supplement. I wish I had heard about Jubilance before, as there were many very trying days. I’m forever grateful to my husband for finding the trial, and to the researchers for making this product accessible.


I feel amazing!!!! I am so surprised how well and how different I feel and not just [at] that time [of the] month, all the time I feel great. I have energy, my emotions aren't all over the place...I'm so grateful...


Thoughts after 1 Month
I am just beyond words…I have taken supplements that worked but NOTHING has worked this well. These eliminated my [mild] mood swings…Simply put, I feel like a demon has taken over my body…I have found my solution and I am beyond happy. It is like a 1000 pound weight taken off my shoulders. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

An Update after 3 Months
Could not work any better ? These have completely changed my life. I am no longer a “crazy” person every month. And I know it is the supplements because this will be the 3rd month…that is NOT a coincidence…


Thoughts after 1 Week
I can't believe it. This stuff works! I started taking two a day about a week ago and I have little symptoms. And I'm usually a mess with my moods and cramps. Thank you for changing my life!

An Update after 1 Month
I cannot get over this Jubilance for PMS. Again this month, no bad [gloominess] or anger leading up to the day (today). And no cramps! This is the second month it has worked. Remember I told you how bad I used to get, especially the mood swings and getting easily frustrated with little things. Since I was 14, I suffered every month for a week of really bad mood swings and terrible depression. My cramps would be so bad, I’d have to stay home from school and then from work as I got older. I’m 36 now. This stuff is amazing! I’m just so grateful that I don’t have to feel that way anymore!


I wanted to reach out and thank you so very much for your amazing Jubilance! For years I have been going from doctor to doctor not feeling well, complaining about my PMS, and doctor after doctor telling me it was all in my head. Telling me a hysterectomy was my option, I just turned 40 so that was not the route I wanted to go. When I saw your product I said “what the hell I’ll try it, can’t make anything worse can it” well no it did not! So far it’s been a savior! Before my last period I actually took a pregnancy test because I was worried I might be because I had no symptoms! My husband noticed the difference and even asked too. I’ve been telling all my friends about it.

Thank you again for making my life better, giving me back a part of my life really!


I started noticing a significant difference in my PMS symptoms right around the 40 year mark. My PMS symptoms were becoming so extreme that they were derailing my life and starting to have an extremely negative impact on my relationships with family and friends. I did some internet research and stumbled on a clinical trial for severe PMS symptoms.

The difference in my life after starting to take Jubilance is significant. I feel normal again. I no longer dread that time of the month—no more crippling frustration, irrational irritability and exhaustion with life in general. I don’t know how it works, I just know it does. I intend to continue taking Jubilance for the sake of every person who experiences a better me for having found it.


I cannot stress enough how much my life has changed after taking this. I feel like my old self which had been missing for so many years!  I’m so very grateful that PMS sufferers have a voice and that someone was able to listen to our struggles and find a way to help us! Thank you!


Hitting your 40s has its pluses and minuses. One thing I noticed was that I was becoming irrationally and suddenly angry the day or two before my period. I work with the public so this was frustrating at work, trying to keep an even keel. I was worse at home, getting angry way out of proportion for what was happening. This wasn’t fair to my family or myself, so I started searching for help on the internet. I came across an ad for a clinical trial of a new supplement—oxaloacetate—that the researchers hoped would help with PMS anger and moodiness. I participated in the trial and my results showed that the oxaloacetate—now known as Jubilance—made a significant POSITIVE impact on my mood prior to my period. Since then, I have taken Jubilance daily and no longer am dealing with irrational anger before my periods. I also noticed that I am no longer having issues with insomnia prior to my periods as well. I have recommended Jubilance to several friends who are dealing with similar mood issues before their periods and would suggest it to anyone who finds themselves facing similar problems.

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