I still use it. I feel a difference in the way I feel on the inside emotionally. I’m not 100% perky and do still get irritated but nothing like before.


I’ve been off it for a couple weeks and I’m just counting the days until my order comes and I can get back on it!!


This product is awesome! I can’t believe my daughter’s mood swings are so much better. Even when she cries, it only lasts a minute or two and she can get herself together. This is huge!


It works! Purchased in sheer desperation and it worked even though I did not expect it to so I don’t believe it is a placebo. It lifted my mood and gave me the cleanest, calmest energy while shooting my nerves. I’ve always suffered from extreme brain fog and fatigue due to chronic stress and ptsd and this is the first thing that’s significantly helped. In fact, it felt like how I always imagined one should feel. Love this little pill. :)


It helps. I tried this for a month and when PMS hit I was still irritable, but I didn’t feel like murdering anyone. I felt enough of an improvement to keep taking this.


I was very skeptical, but this stuff has helped me tremendously mentally! It does not help with heavy or painful periods, but helps keep you from becoming a complete bitchy psycho the week of your period. I take it everyday. I went off it for awhile because I wasn’t sure it was doing anything and that time of the month came along and I realized I was feeling crazy in my head again because I didn’t take them. I tried taking them just the week before my period, but taking them everyday works the best! It has helped me with depression and anxiety feelings as well! Give it a try! There are no side effects for me, and I have a sensitive stomach, the pill is small and easy to swallow!


Life changing! I cannot recommend this product more! I have been suffering increasingly severe depression and anxiety that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks out of the month. I never felt like myslef, was always on edge and was having suicidal thoughts every month. I felt hopeless, defeated, and totally worthless. I was unable to complete even basic tasks and was so frustrated that like clockwork my productivity and progress toward goals would be derailed. I really thought I was just beyond repair and that my husband was beyond irritating. Within the first day of taking this supplement the nonstop anxiety stopped and within just a few days of the depression, hopelessness and misery did too. My relationship with my husband has already improved noticeably as well. I finally feel like myself again after several years of almost constant suffering. This product has changed my life!


AWESOME PRODUCT. I’ve only been taking this for about three weeks now, but I did not expect the difference that oxaloacetate supplements would make in my life! I encourage everybody to look up some of the clinical trials, and research studies on this one because it acutally helps with a lot more than just Emotional PMS!… The first day I was able to confidently run errands by myself. My executive functions immediately improved, and I had my first “good day” at work in a long time. The second day, I was able to hang out with people again… My focus improved. My overall mood improved. My anxiety has gone way down, and when I do battle with anxiety or depression, it’s a lot easier to control now. I went from… depression around my peirod to small patches of mild irritability, and maybe feel gloomy for an hour or so. I just hope that it keeps working as well as it has because these supplements have honestly helped to give me my life back! They are very effective, and helpful in so many ways!


The reviews on amazon for this product are awesome and the story behind this supplement is super cool. I think it’s the same thing as their other product, benaGene. Which is an incredible anti-aging supplement that mimics fasting. The studies are legit.


I need this in my life!


This really works! I highly recommend! :)


I’m in my first month of using it and it has significantly improved my moods around my period. I started taking it a week after my last period and this period has been so much easier.


I have been taking this for about 4 months now. I have seen significant improvement in my mood, anxiety, and lack of patience, lol. No longer having crazy mood swings. I will continue to take this. I am very happy with the results. I was super skeptical, but I’m sold now. Thanks, Jubilance! <3


Just finished my first month and felt a noticeable difference! Wishing I had this for years. Thank you Jubilance!


It really has been awesome! I’m super impressed.


I’ve noticed a SIGNIFICANT positive difference in the last two months!


I ordered this and it had helped me ALOT!!


It’s been a lifesaver for me. Seriously. Definitely worth trying for yourself.


I don’t care how much it costs if it makes this awfulness go away. Getting two weeks of my life back a month? Half my year back really: priceless.


This stuff works. I no longer feel like driving off a cliff!


It’s worth it. Try it.


I just tried Jubilance for the first time and I have to say this last week was my BEST PMS WEEK in history!!! I noticed an almost instant change in my emotional state after taking it – went from irrational thoughts to completely logical and fact based thinking within a matter of an hour or so. I normally have extreme anxiety and dare I say it, an altered view of reality during the week of PMS that makes me feel downright coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. PMS for me is the never ending rollercoaster ride of emotional insanity and all I have been able to do up until this point is cope with it as silently as I can for over 20 years. I fact, I have found that the less I actually say out loud during that time, the better for me and those around me. This past week, I was more connected to my children, more present during life’s moments, and completely focused and productive in my high demand job. Thank you, Jubilance! I can honestly say this last PMS week was the best week of the month for me! :)


I love this stuff. I’ve been using it for a few months, missed a month and then got more and totally saw the difference. My moods went from rage at the drop of a hat to slight to moderately annoyed if something goes wrong. So much less high strung and tense. Wish it did more to take the edge off my extreme fatigue, though. That’s the only thing I’d really change!


I started taking this a few weeks ago. My anxiety has improved 75%. I no longer feel that I need an anxiety RX. My PMS was just about nonexistent. I will continue to subscribe monthly. Thank you for helping me!!


I’m on my second month and noticed quite a bit more relief this month than last month. I’m grumpy but not raging. Also the cystic breakout I used to get every month like clockwork haven’t come back since I started the Jubilance. I don’t know if that’s related but it is so nice for my confidence!


Jubilance, first month update symptoms are about 30% milder. I did not feel as though I would loose my mind… Hoping month two will be even better!


I have had great results, I started taking just a few days before my period, and it’s been about a month.


I can say Jubilance has helped me some and I am grateful!


I finally bought Jubilance a month ago and cannot express my gratitude enough thank you! I have struggled horribly for over 15 years with awful emotional pms issues especially anxiety. Within a week the difference was tremendous, I feel like me again after so many years! <3 <3 <3


I just ordered this. I live a keto lifestyle and hope that this helps me in that pathway during all times of the month. The science makes sense – even for those abstaining from sugar. I hope it’s just what I’ve been missing.


The first month I didn’t notice a difference. The second month, I didn’t use Jubilance… there’s a difference. :) It was so natural and gradual I didn’t realize it until I didn’t have it! I’t in my month Amazon subscriptions. It’s so nice not having to apologize after a week of being rude!


After going to many doctors and trying a variety of ways to reduce, manage my PMS symptoms, which involve a lot of emotional turmoil during the two weeks leading up to my period, I ran across Jubilance. I thought it would be worth trying at least and I would give it a good four months trial to see if it really helped. I found it does help for me. My two weeks of emotional turmoil reduced down to one or two days and even those were far more managebale. I’m so happy to have found this product! Please keep making it!


So glad some serious research has gone into formulating a product for this. People are constantly joking on PMS, but for those of us who feel like out of control raging beasts one or two weeks out of every month, it’s no joke. Imagine feeling as though you could fly off into a rage at any moment and see how much of a laugh you get out of it.


On my second bottle and have experienced significant improvement in my mood and anxiety levels before an during my period. I’m a fan.


Jubilance is helping me. I have been taking it for about four months now, and I still feel sad at PMS time, but not suicidal and ragingly angry. Thank you!


I will buy this product until the day I no longer need it. My treatment resistant depression has improved significantly, my anxiety is almost gone, and my mood is stable. I love, love, love Jubilance.


I used Jubilance for four months then thought I double ordered and went off it for a month. After four months I had forgotten what normal PMS mood swings were and wasn’t sure it really helped anymore. A month off proved that it is indeed a huge help! My PMS depression and anxiety off of it was as difficult as I have ever experienced. Not taking that chance again! I recommend Jubilance to anyone and everyone I know!


It helped with my PMS and I continue to take it… it seems to keep my mood in the normal range, and supplements the benefits I get from my antidepressants. I know that oxaloacetate has many benefits.


THANK YOU. This product truly works. I am amazed, and elated. Soooooo happy Jubilance is working for me!! LIFE CHANGING! I just posted about it here and on Facebook. I am so wholeheartedly grateful! Thank you thank you thank you <3


I stopped for a little bit to test how I was without it. The only thing I got was my pms symptoms back. This stuff’s legit!


Update. I started taking this month. Holy moly what a difference. And I know it’s not a placebo because I expected it not to work. I don’t know what this stuff is but I don’t care. I’m anxious to see how it works before my period. But huge difference for around ovulation.


Not gonna lie. My period started today and I had no idea it was coming. Usually my epic emotional meltdowns the week before are a dead giveaway. Pretty drastic drop in anxiety symptoms and definitely less doom and gloom. I wasn’t sure at first but now honestly think it helps.


It’s been a lifesaver for me. Currently on cycle day 26 and the only pms symptom I have is just a little fatigue. My husband is definitely a fan! lol


Try this supplement! It really works!


I have severe PMDD and it’s helped me tremendously. I was skeptical because of how severe my symptoms are, but I feel an extraordinary difference and I’m so relieved because I really didn’t think it was going to help since I had tried every other form of medication for it. So glad I found this!


I’ve had pmdd since I can remeber and I have tried every method known to man (i.e. birth control, antidepressants, etc) and nothing brought me any relief. I had honestly just given up hope and figured that I’d just have to be aware that’s what was going on and make a conscious effort not to let my emotions get the best of me. Well, obviously that’s easier said than done. I saw this and figured I’d try it and I was skeptical honestly. I’ve been taking it for a couple of weeks now and I think I was pmsing last week, but couldn’t tell because my emotions weren’t all over the place. I’m a believer now and decided to reactivate my subscription (I’d canceled after getting the first bottle figuring it wouldn’t work since my pms was far from “mild”). This product works!


I have PMDD and was given the green light to use prozac as needed. For me, Jubilance during those timeframes works better! Extreme fatigue better, depression symptoms better, and I sleep better. Of course this is just my personal experience. :)


I just opened my fourth bottle, it’s amazing how much of a change it’s brought!!


I love this stuff! It’s worth the price to feel more normal.


It hasn’t completely cured my pms/nerves, but it helps so much. So much so that when I miss a day it’s noticeable. One time I was visiting my family, not even pmsing, and I forgot to take my pill in the evening. The next morning I couldn’t handle anything. I wanted to rage at everyone! Then I decided to just take the Jubilance early that day and within an hour I felt so much calmer. I knew then, I will probably have to be on this for life. It has improved my life so much. By the way, a friend bought another brand off Amazon when I told her about this stuff. She didn’t find much relief, so she gave me the rest of her bottle. I tried it and I didn’t find it nearly as effective. I went back to using my Jubilance before even finishing the bottle she gave me.


This product REALLY helps me. I’m so grateful that I found it. I still get migraines every month with my period, but at least now I don’t have to feel angry, gloomy, and anxious anymore! I would say that Jubilance takes my emotional PMS symptoms from Really Awful down to Mild, Barely Noticeable. Thank you!