A. M. Z. Y.

I gave this a try and really felt it worked… my crazy symptoms were way less.

Allison A.

I would try it yessssss

Taylor S.

I can’t recommend these enough.  Have commented previously and will continue to pass along the positive effects this has had for me.

Allison A.

Update after 2 full months of taking:  it’s helping so much and I highly recommend you try it!!!!!!!!

Jada S.

Today is my first day of my period while on it.  I feel nothing negative.  I’m honestly shocked.

Brenna W. W.

This stuff has been amazing for me.  It’s been literally years that I’ve taken it and I won’t stop.  It makes such a difference in my mental state.

Lisa Rene Z.

I started my period yesterday.  It wasn’t late , but I took 3 pregnancy tests the days before because I felt no PMS symptoms.  No moodiness, no irritability.  Energy levels were normal.  I didn’t wake up feeling like the thought of facing the day was insurmountable.  I didn’t even have any cramps!  I’m 41 and I was really thinking I must be pregnant because no way could I make it through my whole cycle feeling normal.

Laura W. R.

So I started taking this a couple weeks ago and I gotta say it’s actually working.  I used to break out really bad right before my period and have really bad craps a day or 2 before I started.  I would also experience irritability to the point of rage.  All of those symptoms significantly decreased taking this.  I had one small pimple, minimal irritability, and I didn’t feel like I was dying with cramps.  I will say I started my period about a week early, not sure if this had anything to do with that or not.  But overall I suggest taking this if you’ve got bad PMS symptoms!

Mari T.

This does really work!

Amanda B.

So far my experience has been great

Caitlin T.

I’m on day 7, started 12 days before ovulating which goes into the week when I have gloominess and irritability for no reason.  Haven’t had anything like that so far!  Can’t wait to see how it goes towards PMS week!  I wish ore people talked about how you can have the same “pms” symptoms before ovulation too.

Amanda B.

Idk if it’s placebo or not, but I feel so much better than I could’ve ever imagined.  It’s expensive but it’s worth it

Ani P.

This will be the beginning of my 2nd cycle with Jubilance.  It worked so great last month I was shocked.  Didn’t even have cramps.

Jada S.

It worked the first month.  Didn’t take symptoms 100% away but hubby and I noticed a huge difference.  It’s in month 2 now.  So far so good.  Once my period actually started I had 2 bad days.  But 2 bad days is better than 10+ bad days which I was having.

Marissa E.

Over a year later and still PMS free.. Thank you so so much for this amazing product!!

Marissa E.

Just popping on to celebrate month 3 of no PMS!!.. the difference this is making is profound.. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this stable in my adult life!  Cheers to happier, healthier versions of ourselves!

Bethany B.

I’ve been taking for almost a year now… Total game changer for me

Marissa E.

I feel bad for those it doesn’t help because the relief is truly amazing… Just totally life changing stuff!

Danielle S.

Def has helped some.  I’ve only been on it for a few months

Marissa E.

Jubilance (oxaloacetate) has been profoundly life changing for me… I came across Jubilance while searching for something – anything – that would give me some relief in October 2021 and my symptoms have been minimal to practically nonexistent since then.  From what I’ve read in posts about it, it doesn’t work for everyone, but it has been life-changing for many and is definitely worth trying at least!

Amanda S.

I have been taking it for years.  It is not perfect, but I have better good days/months then bad.  I stopped taking it once because I was wondering if I really needed it, and my bottle was gone, and I instantly regretted it.

Jane S.

I’ve been taking it for one month and I’m in the “dark days” right now and I feel great!  Not so dark at all!

Rachel V.

Taking Jubilance has helped me so much.  I was desperate.  I just wanted to say thank you.

Cara S.

I can’t afford to stop using this for a month!

Natalya T.

This stuff works!  Just finished my first month using it and I have really noticed improvements in my mood and my monthly symptoms.  Soooo grateful and relieved.

Em T.

Love this supplement for joy

Sarah L.

I’ve felt darn near human for the last two months!

Hannah W.

Great product thank you so much!!

Hover K.

Been taking Jubilance for 6 months.  One of the most life altering things I’ve ever done.

No more mood swings, no more rage.  No more two weeks of… depression every month…

I’ve ruined relationships, lost jobs, screamed at my children…

I was out of control for days out of every month.  I would only sort of jokingly tell my partner to lock me in a cage every month when I felt it coming on.

No more.  This one little pill a day has made me a different person.  It’s given me back my calm, my happiness… my life.

I tell everyone about it, I can’t recommend it enough.

Roxanne M.

I think it’s working.  No major anxiety this time.  I feel miles better than I did just a few weeks ago.  Reordered on subscription now.

Layla D.

It worked so great for me… I actually thought I was pregnant.

Kelli J.

Jubilance has worked really well for me, and I have been taking it for probably close to a year now.

Jami B.

I’m on my second month of Jubilance and can say this is the only thing I’ve changed in terms of my lifestyle when it comes to diet and exercise everything has been the same & I’ve noticed a huge difference so far in symptoms.  I don’t want to jinx myself but I need to tell y’all that since taking this I can now feel normal and function while on my period.  No cramps, no cravings, acne isn’t as bad I still get a couple new pimples, no pain whatsoever and period has been more predictable and normal.  Used to have unpredictable periods that were painful and last forever but I’m happy to say that this has helped me.  I can workout, go to work without worrying!

Ruth Anne A.

This stuff is magic.  As a Mum, I need to be my very best.  Jubilance keeps me on a level emotionally and mentally so I can be a good mum even during PMS.  It’s like a miracle.

Molly J.

This stuff is great, my first month I had like a 75% reduction in symptoms

Sabrina H.

Second month taking this.  It’s working!!!!  And I can’t thank Jubilance enough.

Trish C.

Seriously, this stuff WORKS!  No blow ups at my kids since my second month on it.  No emotional PMS symptoms at all anymore!  I don’t know if it’s healthy to mask them with this, but my family likes it better.

Miriam V.

I saw an ad for Jubilance on facebook and gave it go.  The first time I had my period I’d been taking it a few weeks and noticed an improvement in my mood, pain and flow.  The next month when I’d been taking it longer I actually forgot at one point that I was having my cycle because I felt SO NORMAL.  It was crazy the difference.

Jennifer K.

I’m liking it so far

Hailey H.

I’m still in my first week so hoping next cycle is even better.

Marissa E.

A year and a half later and symptoms of [PMS] are still nonexistent..thank you so so much!

Emily L.

I’ve been taking it for less than a month and immediately felt a difference by day 3.  It’s worth the price to have my life back.  I will recommend this to anyone struggling with PMS!

Melanie P.

I’ve been taking Jubilance since June 2021 and it works so well for me.  Mood swings are probably 85% less than before.  I typically had only one good week a month before.  Now I only have a few days where I feel a little extra emotionally fragile.  It is life changing and I’m so grateful.

Amber C.

No more crazy person once a month. It’s life changing.

Heather D. M.

This has been a life saver for me. I am on my second month of taking it and have noticed a tremendous difference in my emotional PMS symptoms. After years of suffering I am grateful for the relief that I have felt since I have started taking Jubilance.

Jacqui M.

Jubilance has definitely changed my life! Jubilance, combined with a handful of other supplements I’d already been taking make all the difference. Jubilance however, was the game changer!
It would be great if we could get coupons occasionally or something to offset the cost a bit here and there! I highly recommend trying this during your luteal phase for anyone who feels like Dr. Jekyll /Mr. Hyde half the month.

Jaclyn M.

im on my third bottle and the couple days I missed or took it late I noticed my irritability back. With consistent use I feel normal! I’m sooo thankful for this breakthrough because I can feel back to my old self now. It’s made my cycle alot easier and on the hard days during my cycle I might take two. I used to only have about 2 weeks feeling normal between cycles and now every day I feel like I should. I hope it works wonders for you as well.

Amber C.

Jubilance has literally been life changing for me and the people in my life have been able to see the difference as well. I am so grateful for it. & think it’s a steal at $42 a month to feel like myself & not some werewolf version of myself. Thank you to the Jubilance for PMS team! I legit tell everyone about it & even posted some stuff about it in comment sections of YouTube videos… Women need to know there’s something natural out there that helps.

Taylor H.

CHANGED my life. Struggled so much emotionally and have been taking this for two months. I often felt the upsetting urge to self-harm a few days before my cycle, and Jubilance has RADICALLY reduced those thoughts that aren’t me. It also has made my breast pain before menstruation completely go away.

Amber B.

It took 3 months as they say it sometimes can – but man this started working for me this past month! Stick with it and take it daily, I didn’t even feel like I was on my period it was crazy (emotionally speaking )

Amanda U.

Try it ladies! I have been taking Jubilance for 3 months and it has made such a difference in my life. The day to day brain fog is gone, I have more steady energy throughout the day, and my normal crazy-train during PMS is significantly reduced.

Amanda U.

It was nearly immediate and as the months have gone by it is very clear that it is effective for me as the results are consistent every cycle.

Karen C.

I started taking it right before my period last month and I thought it helped a lot… this month my mood swings and depression were hardly noticeable and much more manageable. I hope this positive outcome continues!

Miriam V.

I’ve been on it a few weeks and I’m having the easiest period ever. I’m shocked and happy

Helena Diamond

I feel like it helped me. My husband and I get along now!

Jacquelyn M.

I love it… I literally noticed a difference in the first week. I was extremely less irritable in general. Amazing. I feel great now after 3 weeks. I Will definitely be continuing usage. I can’t wait for this to become more affordable one day but am thankful I am able to afford it now. Thank you for the discounted trial!

Rachel S.

I’ve been taking it for over a month now, (it took about 3 weeks to kick in), and this cycle for me, I’m shocked at the difference! I too always feel overwhelming despair, worthlessness, hopelessness, and thoughts of not wanting to live anymore. It’s so hard because it feels so real but it’s not real! This time, with Jubilance I have had one day of feeling low and sad, but it’s NOTHING compared to what I usually feel. I hope this is my new normal!

Kate M.

I noticed effects within a week and a half. My cycle started 7 days ago and I’ve feel immense relief, manageability with my emotions, and a lot of mental/emotional balance overall.
I was nervous about adding one more monthly cost to my life but this feels 100% worth it.

Jennifer S.

It has reduced both the duration and intensity of my symptoms so far.

Melissa L.

I have been taking Jubilance for 3 months now and I have seen a significant difference in my mood regulation, decreased sweet cravings, and better sleep. Cramps are minimal and my body just feels less stressed. I suffer from high androgen levels and it helps my serious pms moods swings, bloating, extreme cramps, cravings and fatigue to where I can go about my day without overwhelming my body mind and spirit. I love this product and how much it has improved my well being. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Heather D. M.

This has been a life saver for me. I am on my second month of taking it and have noticed a tremendous difference in my emotional PMS symptoms. After years of suffering I am grateful for the relief that I have felt since I have started taking Jubilance

Marissa E.

I have nothing to gain here by posting and have no idea who will actually see this post but this stuff is literally magic!… I ended up dealing with almost two whole weeks of debilitating depression before my period three months ago and out of desperation began searching for some kind of supplement to help with those symptoms. Since taking this product, PMS symptoms have been NONEXISTENT for the past two months! I feel great and I am so grateful to have found this kind of relief because I cannot afford to be having emotional meltdowns or taking multiple mental health days off from work every month. Thank you SO much for getting this stuff out on the market for public consumption bc it is nothing short of life changing. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Melissa M.

Love this stuff!!!!
I’ve tried so many things to help with my BAD periods and uncontrollable hormones.
I eat well. Exercise regularly. Sleep properly.
I tried different supplements.
I’ve read books and listened to podcasts all about balancing hormones. Tried the diets associated with them.
I even tried getting a uterine ablation surgery to try to minimize the heavy periods! It was botched!
See  I’ve tried everything short of birth control (and won’t do that for the side effects that come with it.)
Jubilance has been the ONLY thing that helped! No more HEAVY periods that last 5-6 days. Down to 3 days and half the bleeding. My moods are better, not perfect, but better! Bloating is mostly gone
My back pain is mostly gone!
I love this stuff! Definitely a believer!

Shannon A. H.

Ok. I’m a believer now. I started remembering everyday and zero cramps, zero back aches, near zero mean mom

Andy R.

I am finishing my second bottle of Jubilance, and the difference in my mood is just astounding . This is probably the most impressive results I have ever had from any product I have ever bought. Thank you so much.

Taylor S.

This does work!!…  I had zero mood swings leading up to my period. I’ve been desperate to find something but did not want to take BC- all the fillers etc. glad I decided to try this!

Marie D.

I only recently started taking this supplement but noticed a difference already! My symptoms are always severe and, sometimes, debilitating. I was wary of this but after reading about the double blind results and knowing it’s a naturally occurring metabolite our body *should* be making enough of, I figured I’d give it a try. I don’t even have my period yet but notice a big change. I’m excited to see the difference when it comes.

Marie D.

BIG difference when I got my period. My 2nd bottle just came and I’ll definitely be staying on this. The lozenges are great, too!

Tami R. T.

After taking jubilee for a few weeks my peri menopausal hot flashes and night sweats disappeared. My pms symptoms are also way better. So happy to get some relief. Hot flashes are no joke. Thank you jubilee.

Karen E. G.

yes it works. I even skipped for 2 days a week before my period due to detoxing a med I had a bad reaction to and felt anxious and sensitive and pms symptoms. Took my jubilance again and was fine the next day. It works!

Katie H.

I love your product, it is changing my life!

Lawrence L.

Thank you for helping make the world a better place

Laura G.

I recommend!!! So much difference in such a short time!

Mya S.

This actually works :tête_qui_explose: just finished my first bottle. I’ve been in the best mood all month. Finally there’s hope for us who suffer

Jennifer S.

My symptoms are an “8” on your scale. I can’t function in the 10-14 days before my cycle. I actually went out this Sat night! I don’t know how long this will last, but I haven’t felt this normal in years.

Jennifer S.

I hope it continues as I know the struggle too well. This is my 2nd full cycle on it and so far so good! Best money I’ve spent considering the results.

Jennifer S.

I have to take it daily. I started feeling normal, grew complacent and and missed a day. That was a mistake as it took 2 days to recover. Even the recovery was better than my usual hellish cycle, but I figured out quickly that it has to be taken every day.

Shasta S.

Yep this stuff is awesome, works for me

Sarah M.

This is effective.  Thank you.  Good stuff

Amanda C.

I’m not even a full month in and it’s helped so so much.

Charleen B.

I’ve been taking this for two months and it’s a f****** lifesaver.  No better way to put it.  My symptoms have lessened so much.

Jeneye T.

I started taking Jubilance 4 days ago and I am very happy so far with how much better I feel already!!!  Thank you so much for this life altering therapeutic supplement!!!

Leah R. B.

I started taking this a few weeks ago and didn’t get my monthly pms migraine!  It also seems to help me sleep better

Christin G.

This stuff works yo.

Christine F.

I’m going on month two now and there was notable difference in the mood madness during my first month.  It didn’t make it go away, but it made it a heck of a lot more manageable.  Husband noticed something was different as well.

Shayna C.

It’s all true – I already turned 4 people onto this.  I’m onto month 3 and my entire life has changed. No exaggeration.

Laura U.

I have had severe PMDD since I was 13. I started Jubilance 3 days ago, on day 20 of my cycle (which is when my symptoms usually start). I don’t have enough data yet, but so far, I am not feeling the downward spiral happening yet. My sleep has also been far better the past 2 nights than usual for this point in my cycle. As a science writer by trade, I’m very impressed in general with the level of scientific study that went into this and with the company’s entire philosophy … I finally feel like someone believes me and is trying to help me!

Alexa L.

Awful pre and post pms obliterated.

Lisa G.

Been on it about 3 weeks and my period is 6 days out.  Life is a drag, everything sucks, constantly questioning the futility of it all, but I haven’t gone completely unhinged this cycle.

Ana S.

I started taking it about a week ago and have already noticed an improvement in my disposition.  I’ll be PMSing in a couple weeks, so we’ll see!

Sandi Sue P.

I highly recommend these.  They say it could take a few weeks but I noticed almost immediately. <3

Anji J.

Been taking this for a few weeks and has been great.

Jeneye T

I am so thankful for Jubilance!!!  Since I started taking it 2 weeks ago, I have felt the Zen I so desperately desired!!  I am peri-menopausal and have been super miserable especially before and during my cycle… Jubilance has helped me feel soooo much better!!  Thank you so much!!!

Lyn M.

Mood swings are much less extreme!

Layne C.

I’ve been taking this for about a month and immediately noticed positive results in my overall disposition.  I just went through my cycle and there was a noticeable decrease in my wanting to rip everyone/everything to shreds, totally worth it!

Alysia B.

I never write reviews or comment on ads for anything.  This magical supplement, however, I will make the exception for.  This supplement has given me my life back… I was mean, angry, snappy, just an awful person to be around and I felt awful for two weeks leading up to my period.  This supplement changed that completely… it’s a lifesaver.

Cassie B.

I’m just beginning my 3rd month on Jubilance… I’m surprised by it because my pms symptoms are literally gone!  I cannot even believe it.  I went from hiding every two weeks or half the month from everyone to seeking out my broader circle of friends and getting out and about, no matter where I am in my cycle.  This is no joke, this product works exactly how it says it does.  Please do not hide half your life away, life is a beautiful gift!

Edin C.

Your product has changed my life.  The last time I felt this level headed I was pregnant.  I assumed this was something I would have to live with forever, I only wish I had found it earlier.  I gifted a bottle to two clients already. <3 <3

Sarah S.

I’ve only been taking this for about a week and a half, a few days before my normal pms symptoms would start.  It has literally cut my symptoms in half.  I’m still having very mild symptoms but totally manageable!!… Honestly shocked at how well this has been working.  I haven’t dreaded getting through this week and half for the first time in a long time.

Ana M.

For me it helped with emotional distress.

Edin C.

This product has completely changed my life.

Sarah M.

This helps me a lot with my anxiety and irritability.  I am way more patient and relational and rational.

Sarah G.

My symptoms EVAPORATED.  BEST $50 IVE EVER SPENT IN MY LIFE!!  I’ve tried everything under the sun from SSRI’s to birth control and nothing has ever touched my symptoms like this.  get it!

Jenny T.

All I can tell you is that certain things have become a distant memory, such as extreme breast tenderness, irritability, brain fog and extremely painful periods.  Quite simply, I feel joyful, Jubilant even, where before I was miserable.

Bailey M.

It’s made a huge difference.

April S.

I’ve been taking it about 3 weeks.  Just got my period, which was actually more of a surprise than usual, because the emotional PMS symptoms weren’t so awful that I saw it coming like I usually do.  So far, so good!

Meg M.

This has helped so much!! I take it in the evening, helps me sleep better

Brenna W.

This was just the extra boost I needed.

Lorain P.

Been using this for 5 months.  Best decision ever.

Niki N.

I have to say that taking Jubilance really changed my life…Nothing has given me the relief Jubilance has.  One pill a day makes a world of difference and I’m just so, so grateful to not be a crampy, sobbing volcano.  So thank y’all.

Ray L.

I’ve been telling everyone I know, including my psychiatrist and therapist but yall need to know that this DOES work… Totally more manageable than what I felt before.

Kristen J.

I was still a little bit off this month but my worst week is the week leading up to my period, and now that I know to take two on those days, will definitely try that!

Melissa F.

I’ll be reordering for sure.  Thank you for this! <3

Ray L.

The difference was night and day!

Ani P.

I took one the first night felt a little difference within hours. I read the clinical studies and decided to double up on the pills (can you make 200/300 mg capsules? I bet the people its doesn’t work for should try higher dosages. Anyways I honestly felt the difference in my mood and energy shift rapidly. The sheer panic and heart thumping subsided on Sunday. I have PMDD and it’s really bad this time of year, this month has been horrible, so I was desperate. Sunday and Monday were so much better than the days before. Today I got my period, I’m usually vomiting and dead tired, and in pain. I’m in bed most of the day. I almost always call out of work if my period doesn’t come on a weekend. Today I went to work! I didn’t throw up! I was even able to focus and communicate clearly, prioritized tasks and everything. Didn’t feel tortured by being around people it was good, I’d still rather not be bothered with my cycle, but if I have to, Jubilance is a good way to do it. Boob pains mostly gone too, still a couple sharp ones here and there but nothing like just a few days ago. Works better & faster than antidepressants I think. The studies showed improvement in chronic fatigue syndrome and other conditions. Why is Jubilance only marketed for PMS? And thank you? Big safe hugs!

Meena H.

Definitely a lighter, less crampy, easier period!… It’s awesome that something non hormonal actually works!

Meena H.

The most marked change was the energy.  Just being able to get out of bed and be functional was huge.

Ray L.

The difference was night and day!  I took it 4 days before the start of my cycle and I had almost NO… symptoms!


Thanks!  Right now is my grumpiest day so far and it’s just a low grade grumpy, no rage, no crying.  I’m gonna eat, play videogames, and have a good night.  My period is just around the corner and then it’ll be over.  Lol!  Thank you so much for giving me some peace!

Fran A.

Yesss game changer!!! Love this!

Bailey M.

My only update is this stuff continues to be the only thing that has ever helped me… Of all the supplements I’ve tried, this one is very noticeable if I don’t take it.  As of the date of this comment, I’m now a single mom of three and without this supplement I’m not sure I would make it during those weeks because my symptoms get out of control and lose ability to function… This stuff gave me my life back and is the only that has had that kind of impact for me.

Stefanie L.

I took my first one yesterday.  I’m not one for resolutions but at 41 y/o I’m FINALLY connecting all the dots with my mood, anxiety, depression with my cycle.  I self medicated for a lot of years.  Came out of that and now I’m ready and willing to change life.  Even if these don’t work it’s been validation reading other stories.  It’s not just me who feels uncontrollable mess for two weeks out of the month.  I will return with my thoughts in a month.  Prayerfully they will be good.  Grateful for any company trying to help.

Ani P.

Got my first shippment this morning.  I’m hoping.

Bethany B.

My husband has this stuff on auto order for “me” haha.  Works!

Michelle D.

I started taking this earlier in the year and I wasn’t quite sure how much it was helping so I cancelled in October to save money.  This last cycle was so bad I decided I didn’t care, I NEEDED my Jubilance!  In addition to the pmdd, without Jubilance I had been feeling sick to my stomach when my stimulant medication wore off and I didn’t eat enough, plus I had more headaches.  No joke, my order arrived in the mail today and I squealed because I was so happy I ripped it open and took one.  Idk if it’s possible but I noticed a couple hours later I was feeling much better and my energy was up- then wondered if it was the Jubilance.  But overall, it definitely works because I had forgotten how moody and horrible I used to feel a lot of the time.

Chantelle T.

You have no idea how much I am grateful to you. I work in natural medicine and could just never ever figure out what to do regarding my sever PMS and intense irritability around that time of the month. I’m a lesbian as well, so let me be very clear, two women cycling together unbalanced is no picnic! My girlfriend saw such a change in me she began taking it too. From the bottoms of our hearts we thank you!

Kira S.

Ummmm this stuff seriously works! My mind is blown!!


I just got it a week ago- a week before my period and OMG no cramps! No feelings of wanting to die! Less anxiety! It works!


This has literally changed my life- thank you so much!!

Cherise B.

Thank u! From the bottom of my heart!

For one, this is the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen in my life & for two, please keep making this supplement as I’ve noticed a difference in my moods after taking this for only two weeks!

I’m picky about supplements and this is a win win for me! This stuff is a life saver from PMS!

Amber C.

Jubilance has literally been life-changing for me and the people in my life have been able to see the difference as well.

I am so grateful for it and think it’s a steal at $42 a month to feel like myself & not some werewolf version of myself.

Thank you to the Jubilance team! I legit tell everyone about it and even posted some stuff about it in comment sections of YouTube videos. Women need to know there’s something out there that helps.

Brandi T.

I have been using Jubilance for a few weeks now to treat my terrible PMS symptoms and have seen incredible results including helping with PMS-induced anxiety.

Cristina W.

I just wanted to say thanks for changing my life for the better. My PMS doesn’t control my life anymore.

I have over three good weeks every month instead of 5 good days a month. You have no idea. I’ve been telling all the women I know because I know there’s a lot of us who struggle.

I’m so happy I found jubilance! I’ll be ordering my 3rd bottle soon. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!


So here I am thinking I’m a horrible person, with a horrible secret, ruining relationships because for 2 weeks out of every month I am a crying mess or battling my emotions to a level I can’t describe, or I’m so angry I am screaming and “seeing red” when I’m actually a gentle and peaceful person.

I cannot tell you what Jubilance means to me. I’ve LOST JOBS because I can’t get out of bed, I feel like I am totally alone and a huge lazy loser.

Taking Jubilance was my “swan song”— gonna try this ONE MORE THING before I’m totally just gonna quit.

When I took Jubilance for the first month and it actually MADE A DIFFERENCE I felt like I had stumbled on gold.

No antidepressants or anything have EVER worked. This is quite literally a life saving supplement for me and I can’t believe I needed to be 42 before I found it. I feel cheated out of my whole life. I don’t know if I’m angry about that or elated I finally have something to give me relief.

Kira S.

Ummmm this stuff seriously works! My mind is blown!!


I’m 39 yrs old and have two children. I have been taking these supplements for about 6 months now and wanted to share my experience with Jubilance.

I would be excessively emotional right before my period for no apparent reason. I would cry or become extremely sad. Then some cycles it got to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore. Some days it would be right after ovulation, some days right before my period.

I suffered since I got my period, which was about when I was 13. I saw your ad and figured, “Why not? I’ll try it.” Now It’s amazing that I feel fine the whole entire cycle. I’m truly thankful for these pills. Thank you for your product. ?


I just wanted to say how thankful I am for this product! I noticed it working within the first week, but now that I’m about to start my third bottle, I can’t believe the difference! I’m so happy I could cry!

Not only has it made my HORRENDOUS PMS symptoms go away, I feel like I have more energy and even some chronic pain issues have drastically improved! It is amazing!

Terri B.

My results with Jubilance have been a noticeable improvement in anxiety and moodiness levels.  I wish I had this a long time ago!

Shanna Jennifer

I’ve done ALL THE THINGS and this stuff WORKS!!  I’m beyond grateful.  I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! there are no words.  I wish I could give a bottle to every woman I know to just try.  I’m buying for my stepdaughter TODAY…. At 41 we realized I had ADHD and everything changed by the 2 weeks prior to my period I became a MONSTER.  Now with Jubilance I AM JUST ME!!!  THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH for giving me my life back.  I’m just so grateful to be done taking medications I never needed and to have a body that works better.

Darci C.

I didn’t notice a difference until I started doubling up on Jubilance from ovulation to the day I got my period – one pill in the morning, one at night.  It has been a total life changer.  My mood swings were scary and they’re completely gone now

Amber G.

I felt like I was bipolar when I started taking Jubilance.  I’ve been on it for years now and it has been life changing for me!!!  It took a few months to really see a difference.  The first period I had after starting, I noticed a small difference and thought, “I’ll take it!”  But it just kept improving every month after.  I’ve missed a few days here and there, and maybe it’s in my head, buuuut I can tell a difference.  My boyfriend told me after the first few months of taking them that he “used to know exactly when my period was, but now he can’t get a good read on it” … and I think that’s the best advertising I can give.

Julie P.

I can’t believe the difference this supplement has made for my pms!  Life changer…. I’m not a total psycho!!  Praise God.  It has also helped my BFF with her pms that is worse than mine, she signed up for the monthly bottles as well.

Ruth Anne

It’s amazing.  I don’t have PMS anymore and I suffered for years!  That’s the power of science people!


I just wanted to thank you so much for this product.  I have struggled for YEARS with horrendous PMS symptoms, to the point that I thought I was actually a crazy person.  I have been taking Jubilance for 4 months, and I cannot believe how much my symptoms have improved.  The “pure rage” I would feel from the simplest thing has disappeared.  My family and husband have even commented that they have noticed how much happier I have been over the last few months.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for being that missing puzzle piece I was looking for in improving my mental and emotional health.  I am singing your praises from the highest hills and telling all my girlfriends about it!!!


I’ve been taking it for 3 months now.  My main symptoms of concern were severe irritability, moodiness (weepiness) and anxiety but I’ve also noticed I can think more clearly and I believe that is because my other symptoms have improved.


It helps with anxiety all month long.  Not just during the cycles.  Enjoy the bliss!

Kate Q.

I took it for about 4 months and did see some improvement on my mood.  Definitely worth a try.

Laura C.

I just want you all to know that I had the best period I’ve had in years this week. Normally my symptoms make things so, so hard for me, even being on an antidepressant.

I want to tell my story about Jubilance, after taking it for a few more months. I want other women to know that this product is for real!

Gabriela T.

I can’t even explain how much Jubilance has changed my life. My husband says we will give up eggs, milk and morning coffee before we stop purchasing this product. To put it simply… I AM NOT CRAZY ANYMORE!!!!

Love your product, never stop making it please… After 25 years with PMS… Finally something that ends the nightmare. Sending you all a virtual gratitude hug.


I was completely skeptical of anything helping my PMS symptoms because nothing ever really has, but because 1-2 weeks of every month were miserable for me, I had to at least try Jubilance.

Not only does Jubilance decrease my depression and hopelessness that I used to experience on a reoccurring cycle, it has also dramatically cleared up my hormone acne and greatly reduced my severe breast pain.

I had almost forgotten about those physical symptoms, but when I stopped my Jubilance subscription just to see if there was a difference, my hormonal acne came back and my breast pain kicked into high gear again. Normally my breasts are in a lot of pain 3 weeks out of every month (this has been a problem for almost my entire life) and evening primrose only took the severe edge off. I cannot believe this natural pill has dramatically improved more than just my emotional PMS symptoms. I absolutely renewed my subscription and my face is clearing up again.

Thank you Jubilance, I really cannot believe how helpful this has been to my life. The irritability is still there but much less so, but this is the only symptom that has not completely gone away. But hey, you can’t have it all, right? :)


I still use it. I feel a difference in the way I feel on the inside emotionally. I’m not 100% perky and do still get irritated but nothing like before.


I’ve been off it for a couple weeks and I’m just counting the days until my order comes and I can get back on it!!


This product is awesome! I can’t believe my daughter’s mood swings are so much better. Even when she cries, it only lasts a minute or two and she can get herself together. This is huge!


It works! Purchased in sheer desperation and it worked even though I did not expect it to so I don’t believe it is a placebo. It lifted my mood and gave me the cleanest, calmest energy while shooting my nerves. I’ve always suffered from extreme brain fog and fatigue due to chronic stress and ptsd and this is the first thing that’s significantly helped. In fact, it felt like how I always imagined one should feel. Love this little pill. :)


It helps. I tried this for a month and when PMS hit I was still irritable, but I didn’t feel like murdering anyone. I felt enough of an improvement to keep taking this.


I was very skeptical, but this stuff has helped me tremendously mentally! It does not help with heavy or painful periods, but helps keep you from becoming a complete bitchy psycho the week of your period. I take it everyday. I went off it for awhile because I wasn’t sure it was doing anything and that time of the month came along and I realized I was feeling crazy in my head again because I didn’t take them. I tried taking them just the week before my period, but taking them everyday works the best! It has helped me with depression and anxiety feelings as well! Give it a try! There are no side effects for me, and I have a sensitive stomach, the pill is small and easy to swallow!


Life changing! I cannot recommend this product more! I have been suffering increasingly severe depression and anxiety that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks out of the month. I never felt like myslef, was always on edge and was having suicidal thoughts every month. I felt hopeless, defeated, and totally worthless. I was unable to complete even basic tasks and was so frustrated that like clockwork my productivity and progress toward goals would be derailed. I really thought I was just beyond repair and that my husband was beyond irritating. Within the first day of taking this supplement the nonstop anxiety stopped and within just a few days of the depression, hopelessness and misery did too. My relationship with my husband has already improved noticeably as well. I finally feel like myself again after several years of almost constant suffering. This product has changed my life!


AWESOME PRODUCT. I’ve only been taking this for about three weeks now, but I did not expect the difference that oxaloacetate supplements would make in my life! I encourage everybody to look up some of the clinical trials, and research studies on this one because it acutally helps with a lot more than just Emotional PMS!… The first day I was able to confidently run errands by myself. My executive functions immediately improved, and I had my first “good day” at work in a long time. The second day, I was able to hang out with people again… My focus improved. My overall mood improved. My anxiety has gone way down, and when I do battle with anxiety or depression, it’s a lot easier to control now. I went from… depression around my peirod to small patches of mild irritability, and maybe feel gloomy for an hour or so. I just hope that it keeps working as well as it has because these supplements have honestly helped to give me my life back! They are very effective, and helpful in so many ways!


The reviews on amazon for this product are awesome and the story behind this supplement is super cool. I think it’s the same thing as their other product, benaGene. Which is an incredible anti-aging supplement that mimics fasting. The studies are legit.


I need this in my life!


This really works! I highly recommend! :)


I’m in my first month of using it and it has significantly improved my moods around my period. I started taking it a week after my last period and this period has been so much easier.


I have been taking this for about 4 months now. I have seen significant improvement in my mood, anxiety, and lack of patience, lol. No longer having crazy mood swings. I will continue to take this. I am very happy with the results. I was super skeptical, but I’m sold now. Thanks, Jubilance! <3


Just finished my first month and felt a noticeable difference! Wishing I had this for years. Thank you Jubilance!


It really has been awesome! I’m super impressed.


I’ve noticed a SIGNIFICANT positive difference in the last two months!


I ordered this and it had helped me ALOT!!


It’s been a lifesaver for me. Seriously. Definitely worth trying for yourself.


I don’t care how much it costs if it makes this awfulness go away. Getting two weeks of my life back a month? Half my year back really: priceless.


This stuff works. I no longer feel like driving off a cliff!


It’s worth it. Try it.


I just tried Jubilance for the first time and I have to say this last week was my BEST PMS WEEK in history!!! I noticed an almost instant change in my emotional state after taking it – went from irrational thoughts to completely logical and fact based thinking within a matter of an hour or so. I normally have extreme anxiety and dare I say it, an altered view of reality during the week of PMS that makes me feel downright coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. PMS for me is the never ending rollercoaster ride of emotional insanity and all I have been able to do up until this point is cope with it as silently as I can for over 20 years. I fact, I have found that the less I actually say out loud during that time, the better for me and those around me. This past week, I was more connected to my children, more present during life’s moments, and completely focused and productive in my high demand job. Thank you, Jubilance! I can honestly say this last PMS week was the best week of the month for me! :)


I love this stuff. I’ve been using it for a few months, missed a month and then got more and totally saw the difference. My moods went from rage at the drop of a hat to slight to moderately annoyed if something goes wrong. So much less high strung and tense. Wish it did more to take the edge off my extreme fatigue, though. That’s the only thing I’d really change!


I started taking this a few weeks ago. My anxiety has improved 75%. I no longer feel that I need an anxiety RX. My PMS was just about nonexistent. I will continue to subscribe monthly. Thank you for helping me!!


I’m on my second month and noticed quite a bit more relief this month than last month. I’m grumpy but not raging. Also the cystic breakout I used to get every month like clockwork haven’t come back since I started the Jubilance. I don’t know if that’s related but it is so nice for my confidence!


Jubilance, first month update symptoms are about 30% milder. I did not feel as though I would loose my mind… Hoping month two will be even better!


I have had great results, I started taking just a few days before my period, and it’s been about a month.


I can say Jubilance has helped me some and I am grateful!


I finally bought Jubilance a month ago and cannot express my gratitude enough thank you! I have struggled horribly for over 15 years with awful emotional pms issues especially anxiety. Within a week the difference was tremendous, I feel like me again after so many years! <3 <3 <3


I just ordered this. I live a keto lifestyle and hope that this helps me in that pathway during all times of the month. The science makes sense – even for those abstaining from sugar. I hope it’s just what I’ve been missing.


The first month I didn’t notice a difference. The second month, I didn’t use Jubilance… there’s a difference. :) It was so natural and gradual I didn’t realize it until I didn’t have it! I’t in my month Amazon subscriptions. It’s so nice not having to apologize after a week of being rude!


After going to many doctors and trying a variety of ways to reduce, manage my PMS symptoms, which involve a lot of emotional turmoil during the two weeks leading up to my period, I ran across Jubilance. I thought it would be worth trying at least and I would give it a good four months trial to see if it really helped. I found it does help for me. My two weeks of emotional turmoil reduced down to one or two days and even those were far more managebale. I’m so happy to have found this product! Please keep making it!


So glad some serious research has gone into formulating a product for this. People are constantly joking on PMS, but for those of us who feel like out of control raging beasts one or two weeks out of every month, it’s no joke. Imagine feeling as though you could fly off into a rage at any moment and see how much of a laugh you get out of it.


On my second bottle and have experienced significant improvement in my mood and anxiety levels before an during my period. I’m a fan.


Jubilance is helping me. I have been taking it for about four months now, and I still feel sad at PMS time, but not suicidal and ragingly angry. Thank you!


I will buy this product until the day I no longer need it. My treatment resistant depression has improved significantly, my anxiety is almost gone, and my mood is stable. I love, love, love Jubilance.


I used Jubilance for four months then thought I double ordered and went off it for a month. After four months I had forgotten what normal PMS mood swings were and wasn’t sure it really helped anymore. A month off proved that it is indeed a huge help! My PMS depression and anxiety off of it was as difficult as I have ever experienced. Not taking that chance again! I recommend Jubilance to anyone and everyone I know!


It helped with my PMS and I continue to take it… it seems to keep my mood in the normal range, and supplements the benefits I get from my antidepressants. I know that oxaloacetate has many benefits.


THANK YOU. This product truly works. I am amazed, and elated. Soooooo happy Jubilance is working for me!! LIFE CHANGING! I just posted about it here and on Facebook. I am so wholeheartedly grateful! Thank you thank you thank you <3


I stopped for a little bit to test how I was without it. The only thing I got was my pms symptoms back. This stuff’s legit!


Update. I started taking this month. Holy moly what a difference. And I know it’s not a placebo because I expected it not to work. I don’t know what this stuff is but I don’t care. I’m anxious to see how it works before my period. But huge difference for around ovulation.


Not gonna lie. My period started today and I had no idea it was coming. Usually my epic emotional meltdowns the week before are a dead giveaway. Pretty drastic drop in anxiety symptoms and definitely less doom and gloom. I wasn’t sure at first but now honestly think it helps.


It’s been a lifesaver for me. Currently on cycle day 26 and the only pms symptom I have is just a little fatigue. My husband is definitely a fan! lol


Try this supplement! It really works!


I have severe PMDD and it’s helped me tremendously. I was skeptical because of how severe my symptoms are, but I feel an extraordinary difference and I’m so relieved because I really didn’t think it was going to help since I had tried every other form of medication for it. So glad I found this!


I’ve had pmdd since I can remeber and I have tried every method known to man (i.e. birth control, antidepressants, etc) and nothing brought me any relief. I had honestly just given up hope and figured that I’d just have to be aware that’s what was going on and make a conscious effort not to let my emotions get the best of me. Well, obviously that’s easier said than done. I saw this and figured I’d try it and I was skeptical honestly. I’ve been taking it for a couple of weeks now and I think I was pmsing last week, but couldn’t tell because my emotions weren’t all over the place. I’m a believer now and decided to reactivate my subscription (I’d canceled after getting the first bottle figuring it wouldn’t work since my pms was far from “mild”). This product works!


I have PMDD and was given the green light to use prozac as needed. For me, Jubilance during those timeframes works better! Extreme fatigue better, depression symptoms better, and I sleep better. Of course this is just my personal experience. :)


I just opened my fourth bottle, it’s amazing how much of a change it’s brought!!


I love this stuff! It’s worth the price to feel more normal.


It hasn’t completely cured my pms/nerves, but it helps so much. So much so that when I miss a day it’s noticeable. One time I was visiting my family, not even pmsing, and I forgot to take my pill in the evening. The next morning I couldn’t handle anything. I wanted to rage at everyone! Then I decided to just take the Jubilance early that day and within an hour I felt so much calmer. I knew then, I will probably have to be on this for life. It has improved my life so much. By the way, a friend bought another brand off Amazon when I told her about this stuff. She didn’t find much relief, so she gave me the rest of her bottle. I tried it and I didn’t find it nearly as effective. I went back to using my Jubilance before even finishing the bottle she gave me.


This product REALLY helps me. I’m so grateful that I found it. I still get migraines every month with my period, but at least now I don’t have to feel angry, gloomy, and anxious anymore! I would say that Jubilance takes my emotional PMS symptoms from Really Awful down to Mild, Barely Noticeable. Thank you!


This has worked for me! I barely even knew my period was coming.


I’ve used the PMS support. It definitely helps!!…I find if I miss a dose not during my PMS time I get uncharacteristically sad.


This stuff is life-changing, wish I had known about it years ago.


One month in and I do see a difference! I’m irritable but not as ragey. I do feel concern over the cost but I figure it’s cheaper than a defense lawyer.


This has been really good for me!


I’ve been using this for a few months now and it’s really been a big help! Totally takes the edge off. Just thought I’d let you know in case you might need it in the futre sometime.


This really works! When nothing (I tried everything) nothing else worked for 20 years.


This stuff is amazing. I find it just keeps me even all month and I notice some extra energy overall since I’m not getting dips and trying to recover. Definitely helps keep my mood even too. It’s not cheap but worth the money so far. I’m on month two. I don’t knonw why it works but it does.


Wow, great responses from the company! I’ll definitely recommend this product to my friends.


This stuff is AMAZING. I never had mood swings, and then about 3-4 years ago I could tell that I was all out of whack, especially the week before I started. It got to a point to where it was seriously debilitating…and extremely frustrating because I was aware of how I was acting and I could NOT stop it. I saw an ad for this and decided it was worth a shot… BEST purchase ever.


It works for me and I’m so very thankful


This works! Finally something that really works!


I could tell a difference in my mood, decreased anxiety, decreased bloating, less headaches, better sleep. The best to me was how it hlped with severe mood swings, depression, and the anxiety. In the past I’ve tried evening primrose oil, different essential oils, vitamin B injections, changing my diet etc… nothing has come even close to how well this works… sold!


I also had a lot of bipolar symptoms (along with anxiety, depression, blah blah) but because of how it manifested throughout the month… I don’t know, I just knew it HAD to be related to my cycle. Trying to keep this short and sweet but this stuff has CHANGED MY LIFE. Things are not perfect by any means but the change that’s occurred has been drastic… Nothing short of a miracle in my life and I could tell almost instantly. It is so so worth giving it a try… Just you know, my two cents and all!


I’ve been taking it for a year, I love it.


It has been incredibly helpful for me! I left my brand new bottle in another state by mistake and missed a cycle recently – it was very noticeable after using for the previous three months. Brain fog, anxiety, sadness, and crazy fatigue in the days leading up to my period. I finally got a new order and do not intend to miss another cycle anytime soon.


Yes it works.


This stuff is a life saver!! I have PMDD. Which basically means my pms is on steroids! I get super anxious and depressed. I was to the point where I was only having two good weeks a month. And missing at least two days of work a month. Just tried this last cycle and OMG I felt normal! Happy even. Zero emotional pms symptoms I actually thought I was pregnant again. Seriously this stuff works!!


I have terrible PMDD and taking two a day of these during my luteal phase has taken me from a week of open weeping and starting fights to manageable anxiety and sadness. Not a cure but it helps a ton.


I use this product and it’s a game changer!


I was really bad about taking my Jubilance during vacation last week and I got out of the habit so I haven’t been taking it faithfully this week either. Now, three days pre-period, I am super anxious and melancholy. I just want to crawl in bed and not get out until I feel better. I can’t believe how much of a difference this stuff makes. I almost forgot how bad PMS can be. It’s been like five months since I’ve felt this way. I won’t get off track again, that’s for sure!


Helps me a lot, and seems to act quickly! I have more energy and improved mood.


It’s works it works it works!! Do yourself a favor and try it ladies! :) I’m so grateful I did.


This is my second month. I should be having PMDD symptoms now but I’m 100% calm and happy! No side effects whatsoever!! This stuff is a literal lifesaver.


I took it for one month before my cycle and I saw results that very first cycle. Hope it works as well for you.


It seems to help. I haven’t even noticed when my period started for the first time and had much more stable energy and mood throughout. I’m only on my second bottle. Hope it continues to work!


It might not feel like it’s working but after a few months if you stop, you’ll see the difference! It works wonders for me and I had very bad PMS.


I’ve had PMDD for honestly as long as I can remember… since I was a teenager (I’ll be 30 Friday)… I’ve been taking Jubilance for a month now, and I am BLOWN AWAY. I have debilitating symptoms… I will cry uncontrollably, cancel plans, feel so out of control, have intense anxiety… all of it. This month, I woke up to my period and FREAKED. OUT. I woke my husband up lol… I said… babe… I didn’t even know my period was coming!! Nearly all of my PMS was gone this month… I’m still in awe and I hope it continues! I even have a nasty head cold that won’t go away and I STILL feel so much better mentally even though I’m physically not feeling so hot. I pray it works for you… it’s life changing.


I have been taking this for almost a month and I don’t want to speak too soon but this cycle has been SO MUCH better than previous months that I am really amazed. I’m still going to watch for a few months and see if the improvement sticks but I am SO thankful and hopeful that life may have just gotten easier thanks to Jubilance.


Really helped my PMS Symptoms


I keep my jubilance on my bedside table so I ddon’t forget to take it every morning. It really helps. I can tell the difference in my day. I just makes my life easier.


I am so glad I began taking Jubilance this year! My energy is up, I feel more focused, and I no longer deal with the toll of PMS each month. I simply can’t recommend this product enough!


I’m on my second bottle and I can DEFINITELY see a difference, omg. Thank you sooo much!!


<3 <3 <3 so happy I started Jubilance! :)


I was the same way, 2 good weeks, two weeks of crazy. I’m on month 2 and things are so much better! I take it everyday, it helps regulate sugar levels so I find it helps me feel my best even on good days. I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me!


Same. I take it everyday. I’m going on my second month. Last month was so much better. No rage. No feelings of despair. My irritation levels were way down.


Just started my second period while taking Jubilance and the second month is even better than the first!! SIGNIFICANTLY less mood swings, no sugar cravings, no water weight gain, OR cramps this month!!! Yippee!… This is the icing on the cake for me! (I’ve tried everything) I know I’ll never be without it! THE ABSOLUTE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, TOO!!! <3


My boyfriend just said he has no idea when my periods are anymore because he can’t get a good read from my bad mood anymore. :)


I’m so pleased with this. I think I’m on the end of my third month maybe and damn I feel so much more stable in the week preceding my period. Total game changer. My husband doesn’t look as ugly, I don’t want to kill him or my kids, and I too get tired and less maybe zippy but I’m certainly not a raging bitch like usual. Thanks for this product!!!


Your product has worked wonders for my daughter, thank you so much! We were getting ready for pretty serious medication and I’m so glad we tried this first! Thank you!!!!! :) :) :)


This greatly improved my irritability and anxiety. I also cut caffeine to one serving a day. I am blown away and will continue my monthly refill. As stated it does not reduce physical symptoms but those seem very minor compared to feeling mentally like myself. This is a game changer.


I have been using for almost two months and have had good results thus far! Less gloominess and mood swings. I’m a fan!


I used to feel like I was constantly on the verge of ruining so many things in my life due to the irritability and ood swings I’d experience. I’m about to enter my 4th month of taking this, and it has been such a life-saver. I feel like a whole new woman! <3


I’ve gotten focal-aura migraines since I hit puberty, but I’ve noticed that I have not gotten any since I started taking this maybe 4-5 months ago, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to get one once a month or so, sometimes more. Occasionally I get mild headaches from tension or dehydration, but no real migraines (knock on wood).


This is anecdotal, not clinical, obviously, but I haven’t had a migraine since I started taking this at least four months ago. I occasionally get mild headaches from dehydration or neck tension but the period-related headaches appear to be gone.


Have taken for 1 month. Usually have 4-5 days a month of intense feelings of despair and worthlessness with suicidal thoughts. This month only 2 days and less intense. I think I’ll keep taking it and see if I continue to improve.


Same story for me!! I’ve been taking it for over a month now, (it took about 3 weeks to kick in), and this cycle for me, I’m shocked at the difference! I too always feel overwhelming despair, worthlessness, hopelessness, and thoughts of not wanting to live anymore. It’s so hard because it feels so real but it’s not real! This time, with Jubilance I have had one day of feeling low and sad, but it’s NOTHING compared to what I usually feel. I hope this is my new normal!! <3


On my second month, I can definitely tell when I’ve forgotten my capsule for the day!


This is the real deal. Ladies, if you’re suffering like I did, it’s really worth giving this a try.


Whatever the reasoning/science behind this is – it works! I’ve been taking the supplement for several months now and noticed SUCH an improvement right from the first few days. I still get some pms – but it’s a way milder version than what I used to get. Before I only felt “normal” about one week a month. The rest of the month I was all over the place. Also, I have no idea if it’s because of this supplement or not, but my libido has also improved! I know I sound like one of those questionable rando “success story” bots… but I just love this product so much, I want to tell everyone about it! Try it! You’ve got nothing to loose… accept maybe the reduced price for 1 bottle… I can’t remeber their return policy.


First month of taking this every day, and the difference is remarkable. After my third child, I could count on being borderline nonfunctional two full weeks out of the month — extreme irritability, severe mood swings, anxiety, so much crying. SO much crying. Not this month. I just feel normal.


This is that stuff I was telling you about!


You should! I LOVE it and have noticed a huge difference. See my comment above. :) I’m not getting paid and wasn’t asked to promote this – I just want everyone to get some relief from their pms like I have!


Wow! Love it when a product does what it claims! #jubilance #pms #emotionalsupport #productreview #recommended These little capsules are amazing! I can be one temperamental cranky bitch at certain times lol. Not anymore! My mood is lifted and is staying there!! You have no idea what a relief this is, for me and anyone around me… My family has even commented on my high spirits, unprompted. ZERO side effects. THANK YOU @jubilanceforpms1 – SO MUCH. I’ll be a customer for life. <3


Thank you again for making my life better, giving me back a part of my life really!


I wanted to reach out and thank you so very much for your amazing Jubilance! For years I have been going from doctor to doctor not feeling well, complaining about my PMS and doctor after doctor telling me it was all in my head. Telling me a hysterectomy was my option, I just turned 40 so that was not the route I wanted to go. When I saw your product I said “what the hell I’ll try, can’t make anything worse can it” well no it did not! So far it’s been a savior! Before my last period I actually took a pregnancy test because I was worried I might be because I had no symptoms! My husbad noticed the difference and even asked too. I’ve been telling all my friends about it… Thank you again for making my life better, giving me back a part of life really!


These are life-changing. I went on birth control when I was younger, and that seems to have been the start of my PMS problems. Even after going off of it, the problems persisted and I became a mess every month. I can’t describe to you the feeling of relief and freedom I felt when for the first itme in years NOTHING HAPPENED this month. This was the first time in a long time that I didn’t have to become a slave to my body and emotions. I didn’t cry at ALL and usually I cry at least once, if not twice, a day for a duration of 4-5 days, every month. NOTHING happened this month! No tears, no fights, no frustration, no misunderstandings or imagined hurts… my boyfriend (who has suffered long enough calming and consoling me every month) didn’t even know this time I was on “werewolf week” until I explicitly told him! Screw hormones, I am NEVER going back.


I started taking Jubilance around the time in my cycle where usually experience PMS, and I didn’t experience any of my normal symptoms. I didn’t cry at commercials or get irrationally angry at coworkers. I felt much more emotionally balanced. Also I didn’t experience any food cravings or outsized hunger as is common in the days leading up to my period.


I was a bit hesitant at first but I can’t believe the result! After a week I could feel more regulated, calmer, in control of my emotions. Exceeded my expectations… bought some for my sister.


I have been using Jubilance for a while now and I feel much more calm and my mood swings have virtually disappeared. I recommend this product without hesitation.


I take this every day now and I went from having severe PMS to none at all, it has really helped me


I started taking Jubilance daily. I missed one day and I could feel the difference. I feel productive and more like myself. Great product!


I just started today. It came in the mail and I took one just before I was going to collapse on the sofa from a day full of brain fog, exhaustion, and fatigue. I felt like I could sleep for 2 days. 15 minutes later I sat up without having napped yet with my fatigue and brain fog lifted! I’ve stayed alert and awke since!! Absolutely nothing has ever had that effect on me!! I can’t wait to try tomorrow’s when I wake in the morning to see if it helps me get out of bed!!


This stuff works holy moly!!


It has been a lifesaver! I was on brink of trying psychotropics since it was so bad, but was reluctant to take meds with horrible side effects for something that effects me roughly 25% of the time. The rest of the time I am so easygoing and nice, and practically impossible to anger and NEVER depressed. But, the effects of that 25% of the time spilled over into the rest of my life so much. You can’t just pretend you didn’t say or do something that aggrevates your loved ones or hurt them emotionally. This has been so amazing for me, thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!


That’s what I did! I have horrible PMS – like a Jekyll and Hyde thing for 7 to 10 days every month – and this month has been SO much smoother! I really wasn’t expecting to see a real difference, but I just wanted to give it a shot for a couple months. I’m amazed that it worked even in my first month. I don’t want to jinx myself but I’ve felt that it is incredibly effective. I still had two minor emotional meltdowns but none of the anger, irritability, and just generally pervasive feelings of sadness and hopelessness that typically come in the week or so before my period. Just crying over sad stories and one night of just feeling sad for no reason. But it wnet from like being a 12 on a 1-10 misery scale to a 1 or a 2.


This really does work.


I wasn’t a slave to my body and emotions this month!


forgot I was PMSing

Emma Burley Makeup Artist

“Normally, my mood swings kick in on the 20th of every month, and begins 10-12 days of extremely emotional PMS before flow comes to town.

I get dizzy, extremely moody, teary, and overall just feel helpless.

I started Jubilance about three weeks before my mood swings usually start.

Let me tell you, the 20th rolled around, and I felt fine, then the 21st, then the 22nd, then the 23rd… and no negative emotions, no dark thoughts, no crying…. now, get this.

I DID NOT GET PMS! I swear to the effin ladygods, I was completely fine. I did not cry, I did not lash out, I did not say that I was going to give up…. I literally felt fine.

I cannot believe it. I have not been PMS free in years.”

– Emma Burley, makeup artist

Susan Patterson Commercial Pilot

“As I’ve gotten older, I’m 39 now, PMS gradually morphed into a mental issue where the moodiness turned into massive amounts of anxiety.

It was a Jekyll and Hyde thing that I couldn’t figure out.

It would increasingly get worse [after ovulation], and there were times that PMS lasted as long as two weeks. And so, it turned into this joke that I have one good week out of the month.

I tried everything…

I’ve tried lowering my stress level or my schedule, I’ve tried the antidepressants, I’ve tried massive diet changes, birth control options and nothing worked at all.

And so, I came across Jubilance and I thought, “I have nothing to lose! So, let’s give it a go!”

After starting I noticed an immediate difference.

It was pretty instantaneous. I was a good five days out before my period would start. And I was like, “I’m still human, check me out, I’m human! This is amazing!”

I still had some symptoms, but they were so decreased, they were so much less.

And it came with a really insane clarity for me this last month of like, “Okay, I’m not totally crazy here, there’s something to it, I don’t just one week love all these things in life and then the next week hate everything.”

– Susan Patterson, Airline Pilot

Kolette Sisk Rural Mail Carrier

"After I had my daughter, my PMS symptoms became unmanageable.

I would have two good weeks and then two terrible, long, miserable weeks.

I would get very angry, moody, mean, anxious, sad, and irrational.

I would convince myself that I was a terrible mother. It was rough, but once my period would start I would be happy, calm, and my normal self.

I went to my doctor and was given continuous birth control. The idea being, that if I would skip my periods, I would skip the hormonal shifts. Sounds good in theory but this did not happen at all. I was even worse!

I started doing my own research and stumbled upon OAA and that has been life changing!!!

I’ve only been taking it for two months but my life is 100% better!

I’ve had two straight months of no PMS at all! My first every full 60 days of being level headed, happy and calm after a lifetime of struggle.

No more calling out sick from work. No more cursing my husband out over silly, trivial things. No more feeling like the worst, most incompetent mother on the planet. No more convincing myself of totally irrational things!”

– Kolette Sisk, Rural Mail Carrier

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Jubilance is powered by the patented compound “thermally stabilized oxaloacetate” (OAA), and paired with Vitamin C to ensure maximum bioavailability.

OAA is the most advanced scientific solution to relieving PMS mood symptoms available on the market today.

In gold-standard peer-reviewed clinical trials, women who took OAA daily for just one month experienced,

  • 54% improvement of PMS-related gloominess
  • 51% improvement of PMS-related anxiety
  • 36% improvement of PMS-related stress
  • 18% improvement of PMS-related irritability
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