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Most menstruators experience some form of PMS whether that be the emotional or physical side effects. One of the most frequent feelings women cite during their mood swings is sadness. Jubilance for PMS is a clinically proven nutritional supplement that can help relieve sadness or gloominess during PMS.

What causes sadness during PMS?

Menstruators can feel sadness in the weeks leading up to their period. In fact, 80% of menstruators experience PMS at some point in their lifetime. 1

Ovulation Hormone Changes

Scientists don’t have a clear answer for the cause of sadness during PMS but it may be because of the different fluctuations in glucose (sugar) needed by the brain.

During the phase of ovulation, the body releases an egg which then causes the hormones estrogen and progesterone levels to drop. The lowering of these hormones can cause the cerebellum to require more glucose in menstruators who have emotional symptoms, such as sadness during PMS.

Stabilizing Glucose Levels

One way to address this glucose problem is by supplementing with sugar, or high sugar foods such as chocolate. Unfortunately, due to the way our bodies process sugar, these foods can lead to a large release in insulin, which then leads to low blood sugar levels and then the brain becomes “hangry”. A hangry brain can lead to sadness.

Clinical trial work indicates that the key to maintaining your emotional levels throughout the month is using oxaloacetate to support stable blood glucose levels, so your brain receives the energy it needs.

Can PMS Cause Severe Sadness?

The Effects of PMDD

Women with overwhelming and severe sadness may have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD.

PMDD is a mood disorder that affects around 5% of menstruators. The symptoms are more severe and affect one’s daily life.

The symptoms for PMDD include:

  • Feeling tired and low on energy
  • Feelings of sadness, gloominess, or despair
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Binge eating
  • Severe mood swings – severe anxiety and stress
  • Lack of Interest in sex
  • Trouble with staying focused
  • Irritability that hurts relationships
pms gloominess

Track Your Symptoms

If your sadness is not severe and only occurs during the time of PMS, there may be ways to help.

One thing that can potentially help you is tracking your symptoms throughout your cycle for a couple of months. You can then begin to see when you usually get your period and when PMS might start to happen for you. This, in turn, can help you identify that sadness is a part of your menstrual cycle, which can help you understand your body more.

By maintaining a journal, you can also present everything that’s happening with you to your doctor if need be.

Seeking help for Gloominess

Seeking Professional Help

If you feel any of the above, consult with a doctor immediately for medical treatment. Severe sadness can be relieved, but only by identifying how you can get help.

Jubilance for PMS is a nutritional supplement to relieve the psychological/behavioral symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). It is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, including PMDD and PME.

Ways to Help Reduce PMS Effects

While there’s no specific one way to relieve sadness during your PMS, with some healthy lifestyle changes to your life, you may be able to have a happier cycle. These lifestyle changes don’t have to be drastic and you are probably doing some of them already. Try to change one thing and see what happens to your emotions.

Here are some ideas for how to feel less sad during PMS:



Make sure you’re getting the full eight hours your body needs. When you don’t get enough sleep your emotions can be impacted. Make sure to set a routine for when you wake up and go to sleep to get a better night’s rest.



If you’re active, your emotions are happier. Why not take a walk around your city or just get in the 10,000 steps around your house? It helps you concentrate on something else rather than your emotions.

yoga and meditation

Practice yoga and meditation

These two practices can help you with breathing and maintaining a sense of calm. Allowing yourself to think and to just be can be helpful with your emotions.

Eat well

Eat well

It’s important to fill yourself up on dark leafy greens and fruits, to keep you full throughout the day. When you eat sugar and fats, they only keep you full for a little while.

Try a supplement for relieving PMS

Try a supplement for relieving PMS

Jubilance for PMS can help you with your PMS sadness. This new supplement has only two ingredients and is ready to help you with improving your PMS related sadness and irritability.

Jubilance: A Supplement that Works to Reduce PMS Sadness

There’s now a new supplement that is clinically proven to reduce PMS sadness.

Jubilance for PMS Gloominess

Jubilance for PMS contains two ingredients, oxaloacetate, an energy metabolite that occurs in the Krebs cycle in every cell of your body, and Vitamin C. With just two ingredients in the supplement, you know exactly what you’re taking.

In peer-reviewed clinical trials of Jubilance, 80% of women improved their PMS mood symptoms in just one month and 54% of women improved their PMS-related sadness.

During PMS, hormone levels in some menstruators can shift causing the cerebellum in the brain to need more sugar than normal. When the cerebellum demands extra sugar and does not receive this sugar, unwanted reactions can occur, including sadness.

Jubilance helps to support normal levels of blood glucose in the brain during PMS, so there’s no need for the rollercoaster of emotions ever again.

Seeking Medical Help for Your Sadness

Make sure to speak with your doctor before trying any new supplement regimen and see what they recommend to best help you.

If you have severe sadness, make sure to talk to a doctor or seek mental health advice from a psychiatrist. They can provide support to you during that time of the month.

Jubilance also provides relief for: