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You are strong enough to handle anything.

As women, we have an inner reservoir of calm power and beautiful strength that can handle anything, but in tough moments, it’s easy to forget our true resilience.

These free guided meditations designed by Jubilance‘s resident therapist can help you access your inner strength, calm and beauty when you need it most.

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Give the other women in your life a chance to live their best life free from the monthly rollercoaster. Every woman you refer will receive 50% off her first bottle of Jubilance.

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Knowledge is Power. Science Matters.

Jubilance is the only over-the-counter PMS solution backed by peer-reviewed, double-blinded clinical trials.

Have you brought debilitating symptoms to a health professional only to hear “ibuprofen and rest should do the trick” or worse yet, “It’s all in your head.”

We believe that understanding how your body affects your mind at different times of the month is a crucial first step in relieving PMS and taking back control of your life.

We are committed to empowering you with the scientific tools you need to understand how your biology impacts your emotions and how to feel your best all month long.

Our Clinical Trial

That’s why we ensured Jubilance passed the test of multiple gold-standard clinical trials with double-blinded placebo-controls and rigorous peer-review.

Read all the details of the landmark clinical trials of Jubilance and how the active ingredient in Jubilance, thermally stabilized oxaloacetate, relieves PMS.

PMS Research Library

We’ve also created an ever-growing scientific research library of the latest PMS research, free from gatekeepers, so you can find out for yourself what science can tell us about how to take back control of your physical and emotional health.

How Jubilance Has Changed Women’s Lives

Overcame a Lifetime of Debilitating PMS Symptoms

Madison, a self-proclaimed “overcomer,” lets no obstacle stop her. The only thing that ever truly got the best of her was debilitating PMS symptoms. After a lifetime of struggle, scheduling her life around her symptoms, she stumbled across Jubilance. In just 30 days, adding one-capsule-a-day to her morning routine changed her life.

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Finally Solved “Jekyll and Hyde” PMS Symptoms

Relief from PMS Anxiety and Roller Coaster Cravings

No More PMS Anxiety or Sleeplessness

Our Podcast: Weekly Woman

Every week, we lift each other up.

As part of our mission to help you feel like your best self all month long, we don’t just stop at relieving PMS. Making those pesky PMS symptoms a thing of the past is just the first step in helping you bloom.

Jubilance‘s weekly podcast, Weekly Woman, and monthly magazine, The Jubilee, offer a constant source of inspiration for living life to the fullest by celebrating the lives of all walks of women in every corner of the world.

We celebrate and support each other with women’s stories published across the internet.


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Whether you need to celebrate how great life is going or dance through some tough times, we got you.

Every Monday, we update our Motivational Monday playlist on Spotify with a new upbeat mix of hidden gems and pop classics. Every song will help to keep you motivated, jubilant and dancing. Access the playlist for free on Spotify.

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