It’s finally here!  2020 is gone and we are starting 2021 off right.

Keep in my mind, I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  They just aren’t for me.  And, I don’t think we should quit, take away, or stop doing something that brings us happiness.

I like to set goals for every year and if I meet each goal, then GREAT!  If I don’t, my world will not end and I will still be GREAT!  As far as the types of goals I like to set, well, some are the same as the previous year and some are new, but all are to ADD to my life and not REMOVE anything from my life.

My Goals for 2021:

1. Read 21 books that I’m not teaching or reading with my sons.  I’m going to read books for me, as well as, read what I’m teaching and with my sons.

2.  Try 21 NEW recipes.  My cooking comfort zone consists of 5 meals. I know I probably won’t like every new recipe, but I believe I will find some to add to my weekly menu.

3.  De-Clutter 21 items every month.  This is going to be hard and interesting, but I hope it will help keep my house clean and organized.

4.  21 meals with friends.  Now the amazing thing about this one is I can have meals with friends from our own homes with the use of technology.  We can still Zoom to stay in touch.

5.  Write 21 letters and mail them!  Yes, snail mail! Handwritten letters are personal and expressive.

I believe that 2021 is the year to move forward.  That sounds simple and easy, but it’s not going to be simple or easy.  This year we must look ahead and continue to move forward.  Forward to goals, relationships, careers, and interests.  We need to remember our struggles that we faced in 2020, and learn from them.  We discovered we are resilient and stronger than we ever imagined.  Now, let’s take that strength to this beautiful new year, this new opportunity, and continue to be who we are.

Happy 2021 friends!  Let’s make it an amazing year!

About the author

Kellidawn is a widowed mother of three boys .  She is also a favorite of her students and is in her 24th year of teaching high school English in a suburb outside Austin, Texas.  Life is never perfect and Kellidawn shares her unique and uplifting perspective on parenting ,working and how to feel good about yourself every day.  Kellidawn holds two Masters degrees from Louisiana Tech and Lamar University.  While at Louisiana Tech she was the feature twirler and crowned Miss Tech which seems a lifetime ago from her most recent role as Little League baseball Coach.
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