We’re so happy to bring you The Jubilee! This issue is about doing your best with your period all summer long! STOP the Stress and Anxiety now it’s all about you!

How to find relief for your Period when you’re on Vacation

“How to find relief for your Period when you’re on Vacation”

Summer is here and that means it’s time for Vacation! Where are you going this summer? Whether it’s around the world, or just up the block, you want to be prepared for your period when it comes because you should have NO STRESS on your vacay!

I know, I know, your period is the LAST thing you’re thinking about when packing for vacation, but seriously, you’ve gotta prepare.

Vacation is all about living your best life, you don’t want those white jeans with the red spot on them, or the jacket tied around your waste, we’ve all been there, but here are some easy packing hacks to make your period a little better when you travel!

  1. Think about the length of your vacation and when your cycle might begin. It could help to download a period tracker app so you know when you might start.
  2. Make sure to pack your favorite kind of hygiene product for how long you’ll need it. You might not be able to get your favorite type of product in other places. For example, in Europe, it’s hard to find tampons with applicators.
  3. Think about all aspects of your period and what you might also need, something for cramps? Something for your emotional PMS?
  4. Make sure to pack a cosmetic bag in your purse with some tampons, pads, and your Jubilance. I also make sure to pack an extra pair of underwear in a ziplock so I know it will stay clean. You can use it if your other pair gets soiled, or if you just need to feel a little cleaner on your journey.
  5. Pack some clothes that you feel good in! Make sure they’re comfortable and colorful, and maybe add some black shorts just to be on the safe side. They’re always cute, and go with everything!
Period Talk with Kellidawn

“Period Talk with Kellidawn”

I was a late bloomer. All my friends started their periods at least a year before me. I was a freshman in high school when I started my period. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t tell my mom. I called my sister and she immediately came to help me. I didn’t tell my mom because I didn’t want people to know. It was not something I thought should be celebrated and I was not excited about it at all. Why? Because 30 years ago no one talked about it. The word period was never used. For some reason my friends and I called it “grandma”. By saying “grandma” no one knew what we were talking about and we didn’t get embarrassed. Why were we embarrassed? It shouldn’t have been such a disastrous event, but it was.

It was hard enough as a teenager figuring out how to deal with my period, and what made it worse was that society made me think something was wrong with me….PMS, cramps, can’t swim, can’t do anything!

I have been a high school teacher for 20 years. I have noticed that my female students aren’t embarrassed about having their period. They are not inappropriate, but they are honest. They are not scared or too shy to ask me if I have a tampon. I keep a drawer in my filing cabinet just for my female students.

The period faux paas has gotten better, but there is still room for improvement. As women we need to support each other and show our daughters, sisters, younger friends, that it is natural and ALL WOMEN experience it. Our confidence has changed societal norms and as long as we continue to support each other it’s just going to get better.

Kellidawn is a true southern girl at heart. When she’s not wrangling her three boys, she can be found broadening the minds of high school seniors in her English class. This former college twirler is also an avid Star Wars fan and movie buff who loves spending time with family and friends.

What is the Tampon Tax

“What is the Tampon Tax?”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop hearing on the news about the Tampon Tax, and what exactly is it? I’m here to help unpack this new cause to fight for!

A tampon tax is a popular TERM that CALLS ATTENTION to the fact that feminine hygiene products are taxed, i.e. your tampons, pads, and diva cups. 35 states in the US still charge a tax of feminine hygiene products, that’s over 70% of the country! How it works is that each state has a list of items that they deem “necessary” and thus are tax exempt, which includes food and medicine. Sometimes these items even range from shampoo, to condoms, to chapstick, to even pumpkins (specifically for consumption) in Pennsylvania. Tampons and pads are NOT on this list of “necessities” and thus the taxes on feminine hygiene products are over 150 million dollars a year.

One of the problems with this tax is that it’s aimed solely at women. There’s no equivalent tax on “men’s goods.” This in turn leads to women spending more every month, and for some, keeps women from attending work or school if they can’t afford to buy these products.

Kenya was actually the first country to abolish the tax on feminine products in 2004. In the US, only Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Minnesota have added these products to their “necessary” tax exempted list.

Tax Free Period is a Non-Profit that is trying to abolish the taxes on feminine products by November 2020. As they state in their mission, “Half of the population gets periods. And yet, 35 U.S. states still charge a sales tax on period products because they don’t consider them necessities. That’s not right.” Let’s join together and change this!

How to Help Your Skin during that Stressful Time of the Month

“How to Help Your Skin during that Stressful Time of the Month”

We’ve all got that rogue pimple now and then, but I find myself just breaking out when my period is about to happen. Even supermodels get period breakouts! Here are some tips and tricks to keep it more under control this July.

  1. Hydrate. Make sure you’re drinking enough water. During PMS, your cells need a little extra love, make sure you’re staying hydrated, dehydrated skin looks a little less dewy and fresh!
  2. Keep away the sugar. Girls, I know this is hard. My go to during my period is chocolate milk, I NEED it, but for better skin, we’ve gotta keep the sugar out of our system.
  3. Eat some power foods. Be sure to try our acai bowl recipe below, but add almonds, berries, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, pomegranate, and goji berries to your diet.
  4. Cucumbers! They’re not just for eating, they’re also for your eyes. Put them over your eyes for a cooling relaxation ritual this summer!
  5. Keep your phone away from your face. How often really do you clean off your phone? All the bacteria from your hands, your purse, and your pockets are all over your device. Try using headphones instead!
  6. Change your pillowcases. Same with your phone, you don’t want to lie on that bacteria on your pillow. I change mine every week or every other day during my period.
  7. Find a consistent skincare routine you can keep up. What’s most important is consistency to keep your skin clean!

“Acai bowl or your own smoothie for that Anxiety-be-gone Summer Glowing Skin”

Acai bowl or your own smoothie for that Anxiety-be-gone Summer Glowing Skin

Acai bowls can be incredibly expensive, but if you make it at home, you can save so much money! I suggest heading to your local Trader Joes or market to find all the ingredients, and you can really personalize your bowl to how you like it! This bowl is just a suggestion, choose the fruit, berries, and nuts you crave!

What you need for the smoothie:

  • 1 coarsely chopped banana
  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup of frozen acai pulp
  • ½ cup of yogurt, I love the Icelandic version!
  • 1 teaspoon of chocolate chips
  • 2 teaspoons of chia seeds
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Coconut Water/Coconut Milk/Orange Juice

What you need for your toppings! (And feel free to go crazy with this, I just add whatever I have in my pantry at the time, these are suggestions of my favorites, but add your own!):

  • Coconut
  • Almonds
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Rasberries
  • Mango
  • Honey
  • Granola
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Pistachios

How to make it:

  • Add all the ingredients to the blender. Depending on how thick you want it to be you can add more or less coconut water/coconut milk/orange juice to the mix.
  • All you have to do now is put it in a bowl or a cup and add your favorite toppings!
  • Enjoy!
Patriarchy in Emotional PMS: The History of Hysteria and Seeking Mental Wellness Services

“Guest Blog from Becca!”

Have you ever been deep in your emotional PMS symptoms and called hysterical or told that you were acting hysterically? Have you ever wondered where that comes from? Even if you haven’t quite experienced that moment, this notion of hysteria carries a deep history in the mental health field.

One of the first studies conducted in the mental health field took place in 18th century France on possible treatments for Hysteria—the outlandish and overemotional behavior from women. Freud later commented on this field and thought that hysteria was likely a response to particular trauma (Herman, 1997).

Imagine that—a bunch of older men deciding what is best and appropriate for women’s minds and bodies.

However, no one thought to consider any hormonal relations to these behaviors. It was not until recently during the formation of postmodern mental health approaches, where hysteria started to become viewed as an oppressive diagnosis (Herman, 1997). Although this condition does not exactly exist in current practices, we are still facing oppressive patriarchal forces when it comes to choosing for ourselves medically.

Current mental health practices view the client or person seeking services as the consumer (SAMHSA, 2014). Just like you are viewed as a consumer when purchasing a shirt or any other service, so too are you when looking for mental health services.

While considering all of this, know your rights when seeking mental health services:

  • You have the power to receive the service you want and need.
  • If you ever feel like you are not being heard or your values might clash with your mental health provider, you always have the option to see someone else.
  • If you have questions or concerns—voice them!
  • Even though your provider will be educated in mental wellness practices, they still do not know about all of the details of your life and your relationships (Burr, 1995).

If this interests you more and you would like to find a mental health professional that is also aware of these practices, look out for practitioners who specialize in Feminist or Narrative Therapy practices.

Becca Lantry is currently pursuing her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from San Diego State University. She currently holds her MA in Counseling and Education and works with youth, young adults, and families around confidence, love, relationships, and empowerment. Becca has been taking Jubilance for the last few months and she is able to love herself more during those times of emotional PMS because of it.

Jubilance Testimonial

“Jubilance Testimonial”

“It helped [my pms] and I was out of control. I did it for my family. They don’t deserve what I dished out every month. That’s the main reason I tried it. I’ll be honest, I was the biggest skeptic, but it worked. I take it daily.” — Mandy

Jubilance PMS Support Bottle

We feel golden, how about you? We are so excited to hear women report that Jubilance relieves their anxiety and perceived stress not to mention irritability especially when traveling.

With Jubilance, we want you to ONLY think about Vacation and your Summer Plans! Why think about Emotional PMS ever again? Happy July!

As Always, Live your Life with Jubilance!

Jubilance PMS Support Relief Bottle

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