Well first and foremost, I love that song  “My Favorite Things”, from The Sound of Music

However, as a boy mom, my list of “favorite things” is much different from “Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.”  I have discovered that my favorite things are really because they make my life easier and free up my time to spend with family and friends.


  1. Online shopping:  Right now I love using apps to purchase movie tickets, order groceries for curbside pick-up, and online banking.  My boys and I love to see movies and being able to purchase tickets online makes life so much easier.  It’s simple and easy to use.  I have also discovered that ordering groceries online and picking them up curbside saves me hours and is stress free.  I also do not spend as much money as I do when I shop in person.  And let’s face it, online banking and paying bills takes the worry and stress out of life.  


  1. Simplified skincare routine:  I have discovered that I only need three skincare products and they are simple to use and make my skin look amazing.  I have stopped worrying about all the expensive tools, exfoliants, creams, and masks that are supposed to make me look like a movie star.  My three products include cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer.  


  1. Active wear:  Also known as, LEGGINGS!  In a boy mom world, leggings are the greatest invention.  Leggings are extremely comfortable and can be dressed up and dressed down.  They are perfect to wear to football, baseball, and soccer games.  They can even be dressed up for work and nights out.  I have many pinterest boards devoted to dressing in leggings.


  1. Home gyms:  In a post COVID world, a home gym has become just as common as a home office.  I am slowly getting mine organized and finding the equipment that I need; hand weights, bands, yoga mats, and an elliptical machine (purchased second hand from a friend).  I love that there are so many apps and youtube videos to use for workouts.  We don’t have to do the same workout twice and we don’t have to make an appointment or get up early to go to the gym!  And you can still coordinate with a friend by calling them up to work out at the same time, but now we just do it over facetime.  I’m also in a text chat with my girl friends where we check on each other to make sure we’re working out.


  1. WORDLE:  Ok, I know.  You are asking “how does an online word game give you an opportunity to spend more time with your family and friends?  I play WORDLE with my sister and my sons.  We share our score through texting and sometimes I get a chance to give me boys hints, or vice versa.  This online word game creates many laughs and fun conversations with my family.  We try to get the word in the least amount of guesses and we still help each other out.  Because it’s one game a day, we limited to playing ONE and DONE each day, so we aren’t wasting time on our phones and it’s just fun!

I think in the end my favorite things are really my family, especially my three sons.  I love anything that gives us time together or helps me relax.  We only have one life with each other and spending it together stress free with laughter is the only way to live it.

What are your favorite things?  I want to know!  Email [email protected] and tell us what you love the most this May.

About the author

Kellidawn is a widowed mother of three boys .  She is also a favorite of her students and is in her 24th year of teaching high school English in a suburb outside Austin, Texas.  Life is never perfect and Kellidawn shares her unique and uplifting perspective on parenting ,working and how to feel good about yourself every day.  Kellidawn holds two Masters degrees from Louisiana Tech and Lamar University.  While at Louisiana Tech she was the feature twirler and crowned Miss Tech which seems a lifetime ago from her most recent role as Little League baseball Coach.
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