Summer is just around the corner.  It’s a beautiful time of year, but sometimes it can get overwhelming.  As a mother of three boys and a teacher of high school seniors, I feel the stress and anxiety of being pulled in multiple directions with very little time to myself.  So how do I cope?  I have to make sure to make time for myself.  It’s so easy to say, but so hard to do.  Here are a few things I do to help deal with stress and anxiety.

  1. Make a plan.  Every Sunday I check my weekly schedule.  When do my sons have practices or games?  When do I have early or late meetings?  I make a plan for myself for each day of the week.  I need my time.  Time to workout, time to be with my family, time to be with my friends, and time to do what I want for at least 30 minutes.  This could be walking my dog outside or reading a book.  By planning my schedule, I ensure that I have time to relax.  Each week is different and I have learned to adjust.
  2. Budget Budget Budget!  And follow that budget.  We all know that money causes a lot of stress and anxiety.  Following a budget and being ready for unexpected expenses can reduce stress.  I know it’s hard and sometimes I get overzealous with shopping. It can feel therapeutic, but sticking to a budget and being aware of spending habits makes life so much more relaxing.
  3. Surround yourself with what makes you happy.  I love being with my family and we love watching movies together.  Sometimes we just need the time together to relax and laugh.  We usually spend Saturday night enjoying a fun movie, at our house or at the theater.  It has become a fun tradition and fun means no stress.
  4. Take care of your health….physical and mental.  Mental health is not something to be embarrassed about.  It is just as important as eating healthy and staying active.  Fortunately, we have many platforms and outlets that assist with every level of mental health.  We just have to decide what we need help with and what to focus on.  And if you need some help with PMS, we’ve got you covered here at Jubilance for PMS.
  5. Don’t sweat the small things.  If your laundry doesn’t get put away, it’s ok.  There is no reason to let living and being busy stress you out.  Chores and housework will get completed, but if you have an opportunity to do something you love over cleaning your house.  Go have fun. You are the only person creating that deadline and remember that you have another day to sweep your floors.

I am a mom and teacher, and I am still working on dealing with stress and anxiety.  The one thing I do know is that stress does not go away in an instant.  It will take some time to overcome anxiety, but how we deal with it is our choice.  It can be easy to ignore, but that will cause more stress.  Find what makes you happy and calm to have a stress-free life.

About the author

Kellidawn is a widowed mother of three boys .  She is also a favorite of her students and is in her 24th year of teaching high school English in a suburb outside Austin, Texas.  Life is never perfect and Kellidawn shares her unique and uplifting perspective on parenting ,working and how to feel good about yourself every day.  Kellidawn holds two Masters degrees from Louisiana Tech and Lamar University.  While at Louisiana Tech she was the feature twirler and crowned Miss Tech which seems a lifetime ago from her most recent role as Little League baseball Coach.
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