Ok, so you’re tired of those literary fiction novels you’ve read all year?

You want to put down the college textbook?

Are you even over all the romance books?  They’re starting to feel the same?

Well then you need to read the dumb celebrity autobiography.  These books are PERFECT for light summer reading.

I use the word dumb loosely, because some of them are really heartwarming, some of them make you feel, but mostly they make you laugh.

A girlfriend and I have been working our way through The Bachelor Alumni books they’ve been putting out, and trust me, they are gold.

They’re just as ridiculous as they sound and they’re super easy reading that makes you smile.

My friend and I have convinced at least 10 people to read Tyler Cameron’s book, “You Deserve Better,” and it is the ridiculous romp you’ve always needed.  Mostly because it’s the WORST book we ever read, but don’t you need that “so bad, it’s the most hilarious book I’ve ever read,” type of story in your life?

Trust me, you do.

So on to the list of Dumb Celebrity Autobiographies:

Tyler Cameron's You Deserve Better is seen as a best celebrity memoir to read this summer.

You Deserve Better:  What Life has Taught Me about Love, Relationships, and Becoming Your Best Self by Tyler Cameron.  Ok, just look at this title!  Doesn’t this make you want to read it?  How ridiculous does this sound?  And the title goes on and on.  Also why in the world would you take advice from this crazy person?  The book doesn’t know what genre it lives in, it’s part autobiography, part self help book, and then with chapters interjecting the book by random people in his life, his mom, his friends, and even a high school teacher talking about how he is “a really cool dude”; I think he didn’t have enough content to pull off any genre and so went with this.  Get it from the library so you don’t pay for this trash, but please read it and laugh.

Jamie Lynn Spears' Things I Should Have Said is seen as a best celebrity memoir to read this summer.

Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears.  This book came out in 2022 right on the heels of her sister Britney’s publicized conservatorship battle, definitely a ploy for attention.  Jamie Lynn said that the book isn’t about her sister, but it’s hard to believe based on the timing and the response from Britney herself.  The book talks about her life having a baby as a teen, which is interesting to read now, the reception of her pregnancy was so dire in the early 2000’s.  But at the same time, she throws Britney under the bus, talking about how she didn’t understand the conservatorship and thought that Britney needed it.  And who cares about this Spears when we all know we’re #TeamBritney.  Another good book to take out from the library.

Molly Shannon's Hello Molly is seen as a best celebrity memoir to read this summer.

Hello, Molly by Molly Shannon.  This SNL superstar recalls her life going into show business after a tragic start to life when she lost her mother, baby sister, and cousin in a car accident with her father at the wheel.  Raised by a single father, Molly found ways to create empathetic comedy.  This witty and energizing book is about coming to terms with this loss and life with her father who fostered her gifts and was left with the task of raising his kids alone after a traumatizing loss.  Buy ten copies of this book for all of your friends, Molly Shannon is witty and wise and deserves all of our praise.

Hannah Brown's God Bless this Mess is seen as a best celebrity memoir to read this summer.

God Bless this Mess by Hannah Brown.  This former Bachelorette writes all about her experience on the show, as well as life before and after.  Known to suffer from severe anxiety, Hannah really delves into her mental health, and it’s a great book to see that even high profile figures are human.  I actually really liked this book and like Hannah Brown, but it’s a fun book to read on the beach.

Jessica Simpson's Open Book is seen as a best celebrity memoir to read this summer.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson.  This is another book that is surprisingly deep.  The former singer known for thinking that Chicken of the Sea was actually Chicken, reflects on a life pushed into particular circumstances to be thought “stupid,” when actually she has a billion dollar fashion empire.  This down to earth book about her life is shockingly open and a great way to think about the difference in how you’re perceived and who you really are.  Highly recommend her memoir.

Ali Wong's Dear Girls is seen as a best celebrity memoir to read this summer.

Dear Girls by Ali Wong.  This comedian knows how to add laughs to her book.  It is told in the form of letters that she writes to her daughters and covers all kinds of things they need to know in life, like the woes of dating, being a working mom in a male dominated profession, and how she snagged her husband.  With her hit comedy specials out, this is a continuation of the hilarity of Ali Wong and is a must read.

Let me know if you have others that you love!  I want to know!  Shoot me an email at [email protected]

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