Fall is here!  It may not feel particularly cool where you are, or it might be getting colder, but here are some ideas to make this season great!

It’s time to embrace the season and give these activities a try!

Candles lighting up some fall leaves on a table as a way to embrace the fall.

Add some lights.  It’s time to pull out the candles and add some twinkle lights.  Add some string lights to your backyard and bring out the fall scented candles.  Some of my favorites are from Moonbeam Chandlery, or this cute candle evoking Sweater Weather.

A fall decorated bedroom with cozy sheets as a way to embrace the fall.

Change up those Linens.  Pull out those new colored sheets, the plaids and the flannels and rearrange that bed!  I go from a light rosy pink in the summertime to a heather grey for the winter/fall.  I like to change up my throw blanket too, from the lighter outdoor blankets of summer to heavier, fluffy wool blankets.

Herbs hanging out to dry as a way to embrace the fall.

Bring in the Herbs.  With the cooler season approaching, I cut up my herbs and hang them up in my kitchen to dry.  I dry my bay leaves, the sage, the oregano, even my basil, and use them in recipes throughout the colder months.

An apple pie sits on a counter as a way to embrace the fall.

Cook Again!  During the summer I like to cook as little as possible.  With my tiny New York kitchen that’s the size of a small closet, it heats up SO FAST.  But with the fall, I feel ready to bake again and use my stove (as opposed to cooking on the fire escape).  We have all kinds of recipes on the blog, find my favorite fall recipes here!

A pumpkin spice latte with pumpkins surrounding it as a way to embrace the fall.

Warm Up with A Cup.  Warm up with a new cup of tea.  Try something that matches the season, or why not grab a PSL (we’ve got the best recipe here) and embrace those Fall vibes.

A forest filled with fall leaves and a path covered in the leaves as a way to embrace the fall.

Find a Trail.  You might not think about hiking in the Fall or the Winter, but the views are entirely different in these seasons, and you’re not working up a sweat!  I love hiking in the fall, taking in all the natural beauty and embracing the season.

An apple tree as a way to embrace the fall.

Go Apple Picking.  Yes, it is the most iconic and it is for a reason!  Go eat all of the apples you can and enjoy the freshest cider.  Take all those cute picks in the orchards and then come home an make this pie.

A puree of pumpkin to use as a face mask as a way to embrace the fall.

Update your skin care routine!  Why not try something that brings in the flavors of the fall?  My absolute favorite mask is from Farmhouse Fresh, their Splendid Dirt mask features Pumpkin Puree in it, and I can just feel it working through all of my pores.  Find it here!

A woman looks up at the night sky as a way to embrace the fall.

Go Stargazing!  If you can, take a car out of your city or suburban area and head to a rural spot where there’s no light pollution. Bring your favorite hot cocoa in a thermos and look up.  Bring a friend and tell each other stories as you look up at the sky.

A bunch of pumpkins sit on the ground of a farm waiting to be picked as a way to embrace the fall.

Go to a pumpkin patch.  You know you want to.  Pumpkin Patches aren’t just for kids anymore, often you can find some great alcoholic beverages and fun and delicious foods.  Bring your friends and make a day of it!

A woman shows off her fall nail manicure as a way to embrace the fall.

Change up that nail polish.  Change from those summer colors to more neutral tones, and the darker colors you use for Fall. My favorites are these colors from Olive and June, and they have great videos on how to give yourself a manicure! 

A family curls up by their fireplace as a way to embrace the fall.

Sit by a fire.  Whether it’s just a candle or an actual fireplace, lighting a fire brings you joy and a mental calm as you stare at the flames.

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