July is here and so are summer vacations! My summer vacation was an amazing road trip from Texas to California.

I’ve done short road trips with my kids before, but this was the longest one.  I thought I would share a few things I learned and and enjoyed.

1. “It’s not the just about the destination, it’s about the journey.” Do not keep a strict schedule. Give yourself time to enjoy the trip. Stop when you need to stretch your legs, checkout surprises you find along the way. We saw Meteor Crater Park and it was incredible. It wasn’t planned and it added about two hours on our drive, but it was worth it.

2.  “Mix it up!” Our road trip started in Texas. We saw where Billy the Kid was buried, Meteor Crater Park, Las Vegas, San Diego (most of the time at the beach), The London Bridge (Lake Havasu), and the Grand Canyon. We got to see such a variety and we didn’t have to leave the US!

3.  “You don’t have to eat out for every meal!” We always pack an ice chest full of water and sodas. I needed caffeine for the drive. But, I also planned breakfast and a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store makes a great dinner in a hotel room or at the beach.

4.  “Audio books are the best!” We have listened to five books on this road trip. There are so many options available, that everyone can enjoy and it creates great conversations in the car.

5. “Being with my boys in the car has been amazing!” We have enjoyed this time with each. Our memories will last forever!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer and you are finding what makes you smile and laugh. My summer 2021 road trip is one of my favorite vacations ever.

About the author

Kellidawn is a widowed mother of three boys .  She is also a favorite of her students and is in her 24th year of teaching high school English in a suburb outside Austin, Texas.  Life is never perfect and Kellidawn shares her unique and uplifting perspective on parenting ,working and how to feel good about yourself every day.  Kellidawn holds two Masters degrees from Louisiana Tech and Lamar University.  While at Louisiana Tech she was the feature twirler and crowned Miss Tech which seems a lifetime ago from her most recent role as Little League baseball Coach.
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