Hi Jubilance Sisters!

I hope this summer is treating you well so far, and that the sun is your friend and not you’re foe!

I wanted to write this blog today about doing a quick and easy makeup look for a hot summer day or night.

This look only takes 5 minutes and it is simple yet powerful, and it is very easy to pack into your purse or weekend bag.

For this look I am using makeup that I used during fall and winter, but have converted to summer with one small tweak to match a tanned skin tone.

I hope you find this article helpful, this is a good one if you prefer to wear less makeup in the summer (I sure do) and if you do not want to buy a new foundation/concealer for a tanned complexion. 

Step 1.) Apply Face Makeup

For this step, instead of going out and purchasing a new concealer/foundation for my summer tan, I am simply using the NYX Color Corrector Palette that I already have on hand and used during the colder months.

In the fall and winter, I mix the light peach and light beige as my concealer, and now that it’s summer, I am simply adding equal amounts of the deeper tan shade at the bottom right corner of the palette and mixing it with the light peach and light beige.

I am now going to use this as my concealer AND my “foundation.” My foundation is just me spot-treating any discoloration on my face with my finger. 

I recommend if you have any deeper concealers or foundations, try mixing them with your fall/winter concealer until you get a shade that can work for your summer tan. This is so much better than going out and buying all new summer makeup. I find that in the summer, it’s best to wear less face makeup anyway, so I do not wear a full face of foundation, rather just carefully cover any discoloration with my fingers.

So once I have mixed my perfect shade, I simply apply concealer to my under eyes, a tiny bit on my eyelids, and then I use my finger to even out the rest of my face and make sure everything is blended.

Then I go over this makeup with a loose setting powder and a small powder brush. Voila, my face-makeup is done!

A palette and powder are tools on a table that you can use during a summer makeup tutorial.  NYX Color Corrector Palette     Setting powder & powder brush

Step 2.)

This step is short and sweet, simply fill in the eyebrows with an eyebrow powder, pencil, or gel. With the brow powder I use a small angled brush. This takes less than a minute! 

Bronzer and a brush are on a table as tools for the summer makeup tutorial. Brow powder and small angled brush

Step 3.) 

Now for the fun part. I now take a winter lipstick, this could be a cranberry, reddish brown, brick red, magenta, or any color you may have bought thinking it was a nice holiday color. Take this color and dab it on your middle finger. Rub your two middle fingers together, and apply this lipstick to the apples of your cheeks. There’s your summer blush!

Step 4.)

I take that same lipstick and apply it to my top lip, and then apply sheer lip balm to my bottom lip. I then mix and blend and now I have a nice lip color to go with my cheeks!

Lip baum and some lipstick sit on a table during a makeup tutorial by makeup artist Emma Berley. Sheer lip balm and magenta lipstick

Step 5.)

Last but not least, I now curl my eyelashes and apply mascara. I give my lashes a minute or two to dry, and then I comb through my lashes with my lash comb. And that is it, there is my 5 minute summer makeup look!

An eyelash curler and mascara sit on a table to use in the summer makeup tutorial. Eyelash curler, black mascara, lash comb

Makeup artist Emma Berley smiles out the camera in before and after pictures from her summer makeup tutorial. Before and After!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Remember to take your Jubilance for PMS (Oxaloacetate) and practice self care! As always, it was a pleasure writing for you all!

Love Always :)

About the author

Emma Berley is a professional makeup artist in New York City working with a number of actors, tv sets, and film sets.  She studied makeup at The Makeup Designory and a degree in Art Education and shows us how to feel our best with some new makeup ideas for each season. Check out her website:  http://www.emmaberley.com/
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