Friendsgiving is more than just a feast; it’s a celebration of chosen family, laughter, and making memories that last a lifetime. This year, let’s kick traditional Thanksgiving up a notch with a Friendsgiving that’s utterly unforgettable. From trendy decor to unique activities, here’s your guide to hosting a Friendsgiving that will leave your crew talking for years to come. Get ready to level up your hosting game and create memories that will outlast even the heartiest of turkeys!

  1. Epic Potluck Perfection: Ditch the traditional Thanksgiving menu and go for an epic potluck-style feast. Assign each friend a dish to bring, and watch your table transform into a culinary masterpiece. From vegan delights to comfort food classics, let the potluck bring out the unique flavors and talents of your squad.
  2. Insta-Worthy Tablescapes: Elevate your Friendsgiving ambiance with a picture-perfect tablescape. Incorporate trendy autumnal colors, mix and match tableware, and add personal touches like handwritten place cards or mini succulents as party favors. Your table should be as trendy as your crew.
  3. DIY Drink Stations: Set up a DIY drink station with seasonal cocktails and mocktails. Create a signature Friendsgiving beverage that reflects your crew’s personality, complete with stylish garnishes and Instagrammable glassware. It’s the perfect way to toast to friendship and festivities.
  4. Gratitude Graffiti Wall: Transform a blank wall into a gratitude graffiti masterpiece. Provide colorful markers and encourage your friends to write down what they’re thankful for. Not only does it make for a cool photo backdrop, but it also serves as a heartwarming reminder of the bonds you share.
  5. Trendy Friendsgiving Playlist: Curate a Friendsgiving playlist that’s both trendy and nostalgic. Include a mix of everyone’s favorite tunes, from throwback hits to the latest chart-toppers. Bonus points for incorporating personalized playlists from each friend to capture their unique vibes.
  6. Memory Lane Photobooth: Set up a photo booth filled with props and backdrops that celebrate your shared memories. From inside jokes to group adventures, let the photo booth be a time machine that transports you and your friends down memory lane. Don’t forget to create a designated hashtag for social media sharing!
  7. Themed Dress Code: Give your Friendsgiving an extra dash of fun with a themed dress code. Whether it’s a retro revival, a movie character mashup, or a glam gala, a themed dress code adds a layer of creativity and ensures your Friendsgiving is as stylish as your friend group.
  8. Game Night Extravaganza: Keep the laughter going with a game night extravaganza. From classic board games to millennial-favorite card games, create a game corner where your friends can challenge each other to some friendly competition. It’s a surefire way to keep the energy high and the good times rolling.
  9. DIY Craft Station: Unleash your creative side with a DIY craft station. Whether it’s personalized Friendsgiving T-shirts, friendship bracelets, or festive wreaths, let your friends express their artistic flair and take home a tangible reminder of your special day.
  10. Grub and Gab Circle: End the night with a Grub and Gab circle, where everyone shares their favorite moments, memories, and appreciations. It’s a heartfelt way to wrap up your Friendsgiving and ensure everyone leaves with a warm glow and a deeper connection.

Conclusion: Make memories that will last a lifetime with a celebration that’s as trendy as your squad. From epic potlucks to gratitude graffiti walls, these ideas are sure to elevate your gathering into an unforgettable experience. Get ready to laugh, feast, and create bonds that will stand the test of time.

About the author

Shea Kushnir (she/her) is currently working as the Digital Marketing Manager for Jubilance. She is a recent Masters of Communication Graduate from Clark University. In her free time, she writes film scripts and poetry. Shea is passionate about sharing powerful stories through various types of creative media.
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