Recently I had the good fortune to travel to my hometown and visit family and friends. The last time I was home I was also surrounded by my loved ones, but it was not a trip for joy as I was grieving the loss of my mother.   While feeling a bit lost without my mother to visit I can honestly say that this trip was the sweet side of sour.   I was embraced by so much love and memories of my youth. I laughed so much with my brothers and sister in laws, cousins and aunt and uncle who all fondly remind me of my Big Fat Greek Wedding. You know that line “My family is big and loud but they’re my family…… “

Family was only the beginning. I reconnected with my best friend from high school and five sorority sisters from college, I don’t know how we slept because we could not stop talking or laughing. And oh yes, we played and danced together to the music from our college days which really wasn’t that good 40 years ago, but the giggles were endless. I had all the local fare which I like to say, “brings me back to my roots.” I especially love queso and chips which reminds me of long late-night chats with my mother.

While a lot happened worldwide between 2019 and 2022, I can honestly say that a lot also actually remained the same. I would like to encourage you to call or text a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Share a book, magazine. Plant those seeds of friendship now with a neighbor, coworker, or a mother at your school, meet for coffee or a walk. As we head into Fall remember to reach out to those you really care about all year long not just during the holidays. Turn up the music and dance!

I live on the west coast far from my original home but just like the family and friends in My Big Fat Greek Wedding according to the character Toula Portokalos “…..where ever I go, whatever I do they will always be there.”

As always, live your life with Jubilance.


About the author

Kathy and her husband, Alan, founded Jubilance.  Kathy was a successful pharmaceutical representative before taking time off to raise her three daughters.  While continuing to work part-time she was a Girl Scout Leader, Room Mom, Theatre Board member,  basketball and soccer coach and just all around community volunteer extraordinaire.  She likes to refer to herself as the original UBER, aka a Mom.  She is now fully vested in creating an open forum for women’s wellness especially focused on desensitizing the taboo associated with PMS.  In her free time when she is not bicycling with Alan, you can find her in her award winning Rose garden.
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