A background with a bunch of pads.

Cons of Pads

Imagine that you just got your period on Tuesday and you put a Day pad in your underwear and you’re off to school. Sometimes you’ll find that the pad has rolled itself into a ball at the end of the day. I don’t know what happens down there during the course of the day. All I know is that the pad is always destroyed by the end and it’s not fun. 

“Well why didn’t you change pads?” You say. And I reply, “Do you wanna try walking out to the bathroom in front of the whole class with a colorful whopping pad? You try it without being noticed.” It’d be easier to normalize periods.

Be careful when trying different types of pads because not all of them will absorb your period blood and keep your vagina dry. If you meet a pad that is non absorbent and making things wet and sticky, make sure to change them frequently. Non absorbent pads can cause rash and infection. An allergic reaction to the pad ingredients, bad reaction to a pad scenter (scented pads and tampons can irritate your vagina), infrequent change of the pad, friction over a long time of movement, and of course, poorly made pads can cause rash and infection. 

Pros of Pads

You know how Miley Cyrus sings “And the 7th thing I like the most that you do… you make me love you.” in “7 Things”? That’s my love song to pads. Even though I hate that pads move around in my underwear, they make me love them because they’re so soft and comfortable.

When you find the right brand for you, pads can be comfortable and almost unnoticeable throughout a busy day. They can prevent leaks and leave you feeling stress free of leaks. Plus, if you find an underwear that stays hugged to your pad of choice, you’re living the carefree life because it feels like regular underwear. 

A background with a bunch of tampons.

Cons of Tampons

There have been studies that have linked the overuse of a tampon to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Toxic Shock Syndrome is very rare but can happen to every 1 in 100,000 menstruators and could cause major surgery. It’s always best to take out a tampon if it’s been in your vagina for at most 8 hours. 

Pros of Tampons

Depending on the size of each menstruators vagina and the size of their flow, a menstruators can choose a tampon between: light, regular, super, super plus. Whichever size clogs the flow and feels the most comfortable should be used. From there on out you slide a tampon up your vagina every 4-6 hours or less and live your normal life as if you aren’t stunted by hormones for a week. 

Overall when it comes to menstrual necessities, it’s truly up to the menstruator on what they believe is most comfortable for them and their body. I don’t only wear pads. I like to wear tampons to feel cleaner and tidier “down there” and when I’m exercising or swimming. Pads are always the comfiest because I don’t feel comfortable leaving something inside me that isn’t a part of me (aka a tampon). 


And MORE???

I am 22 years old and I still have not tried using menstrual cups or period underwear. But I have lived with a period underwear user and they LOVED their period underwear because they didn’t feel obstructed by any period blood tools. It feels natural to bleed into fabric like our ancestors. 

Menstrual cups I will never try because I don’t like the idea of a cup in me. Period. No more discussion. I can just tell it’ll be uncomfy. 


P.S. I just remembered there are menstrual discs that are similar to menstrual cups except they aren’t reusable. 

P.P.S. Remember to wash your body more often when you’re on your period. You might get kind of stinky! And always wash your vagina with water or gynecologist approved soap/wipes. And please remember not to use scented menstrual products. Stay safe!


About the author

Shea Kushnir (she/her) is currently working as an Intern at Jubilance. She is a recent graduate of Clark University with a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Culture and the Arts as well as Theater and Music. This Fall she will continue pursuing her Masters in Communications at Clark. Shea is passionate about sharing powerful stories through various types of creative media.
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