Last spring my son asked me to coach his baseball team. Now, while I love baseball and I know the rules, I don’t think I would make the best head coach for a 12U baseball team. But, what’s so amazing is that my son didn’t think anything was wrong with the idea of a woman, his mom, being the head coach of his baseball team.

As a mom of three boys, I am doing my best to show them that women are strong and capable of everything. They have seen me struggle, while navigating life as a widow, but they have never seen me give up. They know women are leaders. I constantly tell them history’s greatest leader was Queen Elizabeth I, and they retort with what about Michelle Obama! They know women are  athletes. They watch and cheer for their female cousin who is a professional athlete. They know women are smart. They celebrated for me when I earned my masters degree in Educational Leadership.

Women are strong! We have children. Which gives us that connection to the human spirit and understanding of life.  We don’t stop. We are Rosie the Riveter. We work, we empathize, and we connect.  Our strength is more than just physical; our strength comes from our hearts and our minds. We love and that love is what drives us to continue to do what is right for our world. Women are strong because we have a bond of sisterhood. We see our fellow sisters and connect and understand the struggles or the celebrations they are experiencing.

I love being strong as a woman and I love it even more that my boys know what strong as a woman means. Looks like this strong woman will be coaching baseball soon, like I said, WE DON’T GIVE UP!

Stay safe and healthy and remember you are strong as a woman!

About the author

Kellidawn is a widowed mother of three boys .  She is also a favorite of her students and is in her 24th year of teaching high school English in a suburb outside Austin, Texas.  Life is never perfect and Kellidawn shares her unique and uplifting perspective on parenting ,working and how to feel good about yourself every day.  Kellidawn holds two Masters degrees from Louisiana Tech and Lamar University.  While at Louisiana Tech she was the feature twirler and crowned Miss Tech which seems a lifetime ago from her most recent role as Little League baseball Coach.
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