Happy New Year!  You made it through the holiday season!

While it may seem cliché, I do feel a sense of renewal once January rolls around.  It’s my birthday month and while my birthdays are creeping up, I have decided to “reformat” my aging process as I am not getting older but moving “forward!”

No resolutions for me just a “movement” as this year I am trying hard to not say or think negative things and to be happy with what I already have. 

For example, I live in southern California, and we have had a great deal of rain recently and my husband commented on how green our yard looks.  My initial thought was the lawn is filled with dandelions and weeds.  But I stopped myself and acknowledged that it is green and then I took notice of all the birds enjoying our backyard.  I enjoy working in the garden weeding and planting seeds as it gives me sense of accomplishment so I will savor that weed pulling moment for another day.

Gardening has given me an outlet for self-growth.  I encourage each of you to plant your Jubilance Seed paper and watch it sprout and if you lost yours or want to try again, let us know we will ship you another one with your next Jubilance bottle. 

As you move “Forward” this year take advantage of all the free resources with the Sisterhood. 

  • Start your Mondays off with the playlist Motivational Monday this year we are changing the format to keep you moving. 
  • Use the Guided Meditations to help reset your stress and anxiety or if you are feeling sad.
  • I have learned so much from our Weekly Woman Podcasts from extraordinary women who may live next door to you who are making a difference in their community. 
  • And of course, the biweekly blog that you may be reading right now, The Jubilee, with helpful Lifestyle tips to keep you motivated and up to date on food, fashion, life hacks and personal development.

Thank you for being part of our quest for Jubilance, and share with your friends.

“If you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden.”  Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


As always, Live your life with Jubilance,


About the author

Kathy and her husband, Alan, founded Jubilance.  Kathy was a successful pharmaceutical representative before taking time off to raise her three daughters.  While continuing to work part-time she was a Girl Scout Leader, Room Mom, Theatre Board member,  basketball and soccer coach and just all around community volunteer extraordinaire.  She likes to refer to herself as the original UBER, aka a Mom.  She is now fully vested in creating an open forum for women’s wellness especially focused on desensitizing the taboo associated with PMS.  In her free time when she is not bicycling with Alan, you can find her in her award winning Rose garden.
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