What are the movies you need to be watching this holiday season?

There are so many fun holiday movies to watch, which one has caught your eye?  We’ll help you know what is best to watch this season with your family or loved ones.

Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet smile in their poster for Falling for Christmas one of the Best films for the Holidays.

Falling for Christmas.  The new Netflix holiday film with Lindsay Lohan is her comeback movie in style.  Just watch it for all of her amazing costumes at the beginning of the movie!  The premise is a little ridiculous, as are all Netflix holiday films, but it is such a fun time. 5/5 for the dumb campy holiday movie we all want.

The poster of The Noel Diary one of the Best films for the Holidays.

The Noel Diary.  Another holiday pick from Netflix.  This film is surprising sad, so if you want a little emotional film similar to a Nicolas Sparks film, go for it.  Also the best character might be a dog, but curious about what you think. 3 /5 for existing as a film, but watch it in the background or on a plane.

The poster of Spirited one of the Best films for the Holidays.

Spirited.  Who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds and Will Farrell?  This comic duo plays on our knowledge of A Christmas Carol and the sets and costumes are amazing.  The only reason I’m docking this a star is because they sing, please get people who can actually sing in musicals!  4/5

The poster for A Christmas Story Christmas one of the Best films for the Holidays.

A Christmas Story Christmas.  Here’s the sequel of the classic A Christmas Story, remember Ralphie and his quest for a bebe gun?  Well he’s all grown up and trying to give his own children the holiday of their dreams.  The critics are torn, but it’s definitely a fun take of nostalgia for a classic christmas tale, 4/5

A poster for Santa Camp one of the Best films for the Holidays.

Santa Camp.  Here’s a different kind of Christmas movie, a documentary on HBO Max about a group of men and women who get in the Holiday spirit at an annual gathering of wannabe Santas and Mrs. Clauses.  This heartwarming tale of bringing in diverse Santas will have you smiling. 5/5

A picture of the cast of Santa Bootcamp one of the Best films for the Holidays.

Santa Bootcamp.  Melissa Joan Hart directs this christmas romp about a woman who has to put on a Christmas gala for a mall magnate having to go to a Santa Bootcamp to better acquaint herself with the holiday needs of the party.  A fun and light Lifetime movie directed by your favorite witch.  4/5

A poster for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special one of the Best films for the Holidays.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.  When Star-Lord, Chris Pratt, misses Christmas, Mantis and Drax set out to find him the perfect present to celebrate the holiday.  They may or may not kidnap Kevin Bacon. 5/5

A poster for A Hollywood Christmas, one of the Best films for the Holidays.

A Hollywood Christmas.  Streaming on HBO Max this is a meta christmas show about a director who is making a christmas movie and then finds her own sort of christmas story thru directing her film.  A fun way to watch a holiday film 4/5

A poster for Dolly Parton's Christmas Special one of the Best films for the Holidays.

Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas.  Ok who doesn’t love Dolly Parton?  This icon and diva has her own Christmas special streaming on Peacock and with all of her help during the pandemic, aren’t you in? 5/5

A poster for Mariah Carey's Christmas special one of the Best films for the Holidays.

Mariah Carey Merry Christmas to All!  Mariah, the Queen of Christmas is getting her own special on CBS on December 20th.  Will I sign up for cable just to watch it?  Of course.  Her iconic “All I want for Christmas” has played around you at least 5000 times by now so it’s time to watch the Queen in action.  We know this will be 500/5

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